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All The Splendour In The Grass 2020 Rumours In One Place

Bangers, bangers everywhere.

Splendour In The Grass is going to be LARGE in 2020, back for it’s 20th birthday. And our friends at Whatslively will be your go-to source when this epic lineup is dropped. With a popular concert tracker app that sends you customised alerts for concerts and festivals happening in your area, Whatslively will make sure you never miss a gig again. Download the app for free on Apple or Google Play.

Another year, another few months (or potentially days) of Splendour anticipation. And with news that the official lineup will drop earlier than expected, we’re back with our annual set of rumours, leaks and just straight-up dream acts that we might expect to see (and not see) on that beautiful announcement.

Even though there are plenty of new albums (and rumoured new releases) on the horizon, Splendour hasn’t made it easy to figure out who might be coming to Byron Bay in late-July. We can’t even use lineups of nearby festivals, as we have in the past, to figure out a potential lineup. But given that it’s Splendour’s 20th birthday, it’s certain to be the biggest and best party of the year.

Just try and stop us, Gladys.

Soz, They’re Probs Out

Acts that are certainly, almost not, appearing. Confirmed by dates on the other side of the world and general clashes. The summer season overseas is stacked with stellar festivals and these musicians just won’t be able to make it down to Oz in time. Unless, time travel, but that’s a bit farfetched.

Sticky Fingers

Shit has well and truly hit the fan between Sticky Fingers and triple j. And it’s made one hell of a mess. So for that reason alone, I doubt either of them wants to touch the other with a ten-foot pole – which means no Splendour. Now or probs ever again (or at least for the next few years)

Chance The Rapper

Probs not. Even though he 100% owes us after cancelling on us last year due to illness. But it’s looking less and less likely, especially now that he’s now cancelled his (formerly) postponed Big Tour to be with his family after the birth of his second daughter.

Again, he owes us, and there’s still time for him to make a miraculous return. But it’s unlikely, so don’t hold your breath.


Wouldn’t it be a dream? But let’s be realistic, she was just here for FOMO and a killer sideshow at the Sydney Opera House – which received rave reviews – as well as pitching in to help out during out bushfire crisis. But Lizzo will be heading back to America during the middle of the year. And although she is free all of July, it’s unlikely she’ll be coming back for Splendour. No matter how ‘Good As Hell’ that’d be. Truth hurts.


There have also been whispers about this 20th birthday Splendour lineup being chock-full of throwback and reunion bands. And Powderfinger is among the names being thrown around. Tbh, it really would be the pinnacle of an Aussie festival reunion. I mean, they headlined their very first two festivals way back when, and their music is the stuff of legend. But, unfortunately, their phenomenal 2017 Splendour reunion was it, so don’t get your hopes up.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want other reunions… please?

The 1975

Though they might have new music by the time Splendour rolls around, it’s unlikely that they’ll come back just months after being on the festival circuit down under. Especially when they’ll be hot on the tour trail from now until July. But, I won’t say never. There is a sizeable gap between early July and October that can easily be filled with a Splendour in the Grass set.


You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance…

There might be a tiny gap, a sneaky chance, a small hope for us all. These acts have the demand, the following and a chance of being available for a winter soiree in Byron. Fingers crossed, friends.

Tame Impala

Ok, so, just because they’re doing a huge Australian Tour in April doesn’t mean they’re out. In fact, because they’re polishing up at the end of April, they’ll have plenty of time to recover before hitting up Splendour. Not to mention they’ve got a new album jam-packed with psychedelic tunes (you know it) that they’ve gotta show off. But also, they headlined Splendour last year… so maybe not. We like being optimistic though!


I don’t mean to frighten you, but ya boy Fish is going to be in France just three days out from Splendour’s kick-off. Immediately, my thought was that he’s gotta be there. But now I’ve seen he’ll be at the Family Piknik in Montpellier on the 21st, idk if he’ll make it.

But honestly, it would be pretty on brand for the Fish to be plastered in France, then end up main stage at Splendour under a week later.. Fingers crossed, or we might all lose it – and not in a good way. 


It’s about fkn time the sisters came back to Australia to tour. The last time they played Splendour was way back in 2017, and they pumped out a bunch of new tunes toward the end of last year – ‘Now I’m In It’ is even getting a few Hottest 100 votes. Not to mention, they’ve jumped on the festival circuit – hitting up Latitude Festival, Mad Cool Festival, and Lollapalooza until July 19. And that’s it on their calendar. So maybe there’s time for a quick trip to Splendour? Idk man, I’ve already crossed my pinkies.


There have been whisperings that people are expecting the 2020 lineup to have big Australian headliners. And Sia is one of the frontrunners – alongside our boys Tame Impala and Flume. Is it likely? No. But would it bring a tear to the eye? Hell yeah. Sia was last at home in 2017 with a massive headlining tour, and since then she’s been pumping out some new tunes (with Diplo and Labyrinth, no less). People are curious if the mysterious icon will make her momentous Splendour comeback in 2020.

The Killers

For some reason there has been a lot of talk around The Killers dropping by the amphitheatre. And I can begin to see what they’re on about. Their old catalogue makes up all of our childhoods, and they’re working on new music as we speak. After all, what is a festival without a sing-along (that’s not ‘Hey Baby’)? And you can’t go wrong with ‘Mr. Brightside’. They’re free for late-July, so they might make it. (But probs not).

Janelle Monáe

Right, so, Ms Monáe was hoped and expected to play Splendour last year – especially since she was playing Fuji Rock. And it’s been a long, long time since we last got our fix. That was back in 2014, when she was co-headlining with Kimbra but couldn’t play any of the shows due to ill-health. If only there was a way for you to make it up to us Janelle. I think we’d all love you to use that blank calendar after May to visit us in Byron. But it’s just an idea, darling.

Denzel Curry

We frothed his Like A Version. We froth his original tunes. Curry is heading off on the festival circuit (hello Coachella) and has a very conveniently placed chunk of time left blank between the end of June and early-August, we’d love to see him. That Like A Version cover is rumoured to be the favourite for #1 in this year’s Hottest 100, and it could be the perfect motivator to get him back down here for a quick trip to Byron.


I don’t see why she wouldn’t be there. She was barely knocked out of the Hottest 100 Top 10 in 2019, so it makes sense that Wafia would make the cut for Splendour. She’s got the time in her tour schedule, it’s up to Splendour to make the moves.


They’re In (We Think)

Oh if only this is what the lineup looked like in it’s entirety. But alas, it will likely be a selection of the stellar artists listed below. Free for the weekend, even free for the month they’re likely being chased down for a feature spot on the bill. Gap in their schedule, a hyped new album or both, making them excellent candidates.

Rage Against The Machine

Look, I know our hearts exploded and then were stomped on when a certain leaked poster was confirmed as fake, but we’re still holding out hope. Besides, Splendour has moved up the lineup announcement date, which might’ve been caused by the “leak” – I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time promoters have been scared into an earlier announcement for fear of ruined surprises.

Plus, headlining Coachella means that they’re probs headlining other festivals – like Glastonbury, Primavera, or Splendour… so no, we’re not giving up yet. Best warm up your vocal cords for ‘Killing In The Name’. Just in case. 


Halsey teased really recently that she’s going to be back for a headline tour. Hmm. Surely this refers to Splendour? The timing is perfect, and we reckon we got it in the bag with this one. We’ll have to keep an ear out for when she eventually reveals the details – make sure you download the Whatslively app so you don’t miss the announcement!

Travis Scott

ASTROWORLD was one of the biggest records of 2018, I mean, ‘SICKO MODE’ was a podium finisher in last year’s Hottest Hundy. But it’s strange that Travis Scott hasn’t debuted the record in Australia yet. Is 2020 the year? He’s well overdue to give us a monster mosh mash, which means that tickets will sell out in minutes. Also, there’s room in his schedule, since his tours in Europe run until the beginning of July.

And since hip-hop dominates the airwaves, it only makes sense that at least one of Splendour’s big headliners will be a rap superstar. We’re especially banking on Travis Scott being there because Sandtunes, where he was supposed to headline, got cancelled – all the more reason for a big fezzy like Splendour to have him on the bill. When Gambino cancelled his Spilt Milk performances recently, Splendour jumped on the opportunity and booked him in. Don’t be surprised to see the same thing happen here.

Tones & I

If she isn’t there, I’ll eat a fkn sock.

She’s had an astronomically successful year, with U.S. talk show performances, taking home a huge haul at the ARIAs, and basically ruling radio playlists for weeks (and ‘Dance Monkey’ becoming the promo material for literally every TV show or station). It honestly feels inevitable that Tones & I will make an appearance at Splendour.

Her website lists her last tour show just days before the festival, which means she’ll have to fly all the way from Finland to be here. It’s gonna be a tight squeeze, but I’m sure organisers will be desperate to get her to play.

Lana Del Rey

We’re feeling lucky.

The witchy Lana Del Rey wraps up her Normal Fucking Rockwell! tour around early June, so that’s plenty of time to rest up before headlining Splendour in late-July. She’s yet to bless us with her magnum opus, so tickets with her name on it are guaranteed to sell out in a flash. Not to mention, she was robbed of headlining Coachella this year, so this is the least she deserves – whether it’s as a headliner or not.

Ocean Alley

After taking out the 2019 Hottest 100 (with two Top 10s and four songs in the whole playlist), it’s only logical that they’re at the triple j-driven festival. Conveniently, there’s a big gap between their last show in Dunedin (March 7) and their next gig in Michigan (July 27, days after Splendour). What could be a better warm you up for an international tour than Splendour? Um, nothing.

Frank Ocean

Well, he might’ve ditched us in 2013 (it still hurts), but we have faith in Frank Ocean to do us right and perform at Splendour 2020. For one, he’s the third headliner at Coachella this year, so it makes sense for him to headline here. Two, the rest of his year is suspiciously blank – like, I literally can’t find anything after Coachella. And three, there is promise of a new album – and he’s already dropped two singles, in ‘DHL’ and ‘In My Room’. Bops to say the least.

Also, he owes us. Did I mention how many artists owe us?? Honestly.


Our boy and lover of peaches, Flume. Listed in the Coachella line-up, and then with not much to do after then, it seems logical that he comes home to celebrate Splendour’s 20th birthday. He’s got the experience closing the festival before, and we know he’s been working on new music. Plus, his absolute tune with fairy queen Vera Blue, ‘Rushing Back’, is waiting for a live Splendour debut. It makes sense for the 20th anniversary headliner to be an Aussie, Flume is perfect (unless you’re bringing back Kylie or Farnsey or doing a full reunion).

The Wombats

Because when are they not there.

Maybe some of these are wishful thinking, but considering the huge hype Splendour is building for their 20th anniversary drop, we reckon we may actually get what we’re wishing for. If you’re itching for the lineup as much as we are, make sure you get on the Whatslively app so you can get notified the moment it drops.

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Image Source: Whatslively, Gabrielle Clement

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