Spooky Ways To Spend This Halloween If You Weren’t Invited To A Party

For when you wanna celebrate but don’t know how.

It’s officially spooky season, witches! This month is almost halfway over,  which means its about time to make plans for All Hallows’ Eve. If you weren’t lucky enough to be invited to a killer Halloween party this year, don’t worry, you’re not completely out of luck just yet. Here’s a list of fun and spooky ways to celebrate the (arguably) best holiday of the year.

#1. Scary Movie Marathon

Dress your living room up with the best decos from Kmart, invite your S/O other or your mates around and indulge in the scariest movies on Netflix. Bonus points if you also make some Halloween themed snacks (mummy hot dogs, choc dipped strawb ghosts – you get the drill). Horror film recommendation for the night: the Michael Myers Halloween series.

#2. Ghost Tour

Have a google and see if there are any special Halloween ghost tours happening in your city. If you’re near Sydney – The Q Station is doing special Halloween tours this year. If you’re near Melbourne, how about a Halloween ghost tour of Melbourne General Cemetery?

#3. Go Hallo-Clubbing

If clubbing is your vibe, most big clubs in your area will probably have some sort of Halloween event happening on the big night. This one is a good fall back if you want to get scary-level-lit, but don’t have a party to go to this year. Or if you’re just a club rat. You do you.

#4. Self-Tour An Old Graveyard

This one you probably have to do at daytime, but it’s still an eery way to spend the day. Put on your hiking clothes and visit an old cemetery like Waverley Cemetery in Sydney, where you also get to enjoy beautiful waterfront views.

#5. Pumpkin Carving

This one is perfect for a cute date night. Buy a pumpkin each and have a carving competition to see who can make the best jack-o-lantern. After the finished products have come to life, post a poll to Instagram to determine who’s was the best.

#6. Take a Kid Trick Or Treating

Steal your little bro, sis, niece, nephew, neighbour; whoever it is, and take them door-knocking for treats. Trust me, this will be just as much fun for you as it will for them.

#7. Halloween Role Play With Bae

Who said halloween can’t be scary and sexy at the same time? If you’ve ever wanted to be arrested by a hot cop, or cared for by a sexy nurse, Halloween is the best night of the year for it.

#8. Host A Halloween Dinner

This is so sophisticated but with the potential to be pretty loose as well. Get your friends to chip in some money for food and drinks and cook up one of these Halloween dinner recipes and make themed cocktails to accompany. Decorate your dinner table as spooky as possible. The grams will go OFF, I promise.

#9. Halloween At Luna Park

If you live near Sydney or Melbourne, you will be lucky enough to visit Luna Park’s annual scary event. The park is completely transformed for Halloween with actors, scary mazes and themed food and drinks. But you have to get in quick, because this usually sells out quickly.

#10. Throw Your Own Halloween Party

If you weren’t invited to one, then take one for the team and host a killer party yourself. We have you completely covered on this too – check out our article on how to host the best Halloween party ever. 

Image Sources: GIPHY, Walt Disney Pictures 

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