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Spoooooky: Cockatoo Island To Host Paranormal Tour For Halloween

If you’re the type of person that craves the extremes, and trick-or-treating just doesn’t cut it for you anymore, we have the Halloween experience for you. Sydney’s iconic Cockatoo Island will host what is sure to be the creepiest October event around: a ghost tour of the island. While the patch of land may be small, it’s been home to a prison, a reformatory school, and a wartime boat repair port in its history, so it has its fair share of stories.

The island has a history of paranormal occurrences, so the tour isn’t for the feint of heart. ‘Cockatoo Island Ghostyard- A Paranormal Experience’ is unlike any other ghost tour of the city. The guide will have a paranormal detection device as they lead you around many of the spots that aren’t open to the general public, as well as tell you the various gruesome tales of the island’s history. Think murders, botched prison escapes and gang violence.

If you’re really looking to test your fear threshold, Cockatoo Island is also offering the Ghostyard Glamping Experience. You can stay the night in a pre-erected tent with raised camp beds and provided linen. Live the life of luxury while keeping an eye out for the various spectral beings. Grab a friend or try and stick it out on your own if you’re brave enough!

‘Cockatoo Island Ghostyard- A Paranormal Experience’ will start on Halloween, and continue on every Saturday after.

Please note that the event is stricly 18+ years old! Tickets are selling fast, so test your limits and attend the creepiest event around here. 

Image Source: Cockatoo Island Facebook

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