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Spotify Reveals The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Playlist

Guys, winter is officially here, and tomorrow finally sees the anticipated premier of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7 in Australia. We have all binge watched the first six seasons, officially becoming obsessed – to the point where you find yourself re-watching episodes, travelling to on set locations and even channelling your favourite characters for themed parties. Now you can take your obsession one step further. Spotify has teamed up with the shows music supervisor Evyen J Klean to reveal the Night King’s ‘Winter is Here’ playlist. That’s right, you can now find all your favourite tracks from the show in one handy playlist.

But Spotify has taken it one step further examining Game of Thrones listening to identify Australia’s most popular characters. So here you have the results, the top five Game of Thrones characters, with the songs that ultimately define them.

#1 Sansa Stark

She started out the show as innocent and sweet, but her determination has truly defined her as a character. She is the queen of sass and that is why she has taken the top spot for favourite GoT characters. If this song isn’t the perfect song for Sansa, well we don’t know what is.

#2 Daenerys Targaryen

She is everyone’s favourite not-so-underdog and easily one of the most attractive mythical creatures of the last decade. She takes no shit, she is all about respect and man heads really do roll when she enters a room.

#3 Robb Stark

*Spoiler alert* So he is no longer a character on the show, but god was his demise was painful. We not only miss his charm and boyish looks, but his intelligence. Though some may find these opinions polarising, we all must agree that this song encapsulates Robb is every element.

#4 Jon Snow

Whether you watch the show or not, everyone knows this iconic character. He might not have all the traits of a regular hero, but you have to admit, he’s brave, skilled, easy on the eyes, kind and righteous – so what’s not to like? This Foals classic is sexy, motivating and just plain killer, a match made for Jon.

#5 Samwell

He is a character we definitely should not underestimate. He’s had it rough and he is most definitely an underdog, but let’s face it, this late in the game, he is probably gonna be around till the end. Bon Iver’s humble folk track embodies Samwell completely, capturing perfectly his sensitivity – and that’s kinda what we relate to most.

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