SPOTTED: Missing Scott Morrison Is Apparently Holidaying In Hawaii While Australia Burns

Nice one Scomo.

People have been wondering where Aussie PM Scott Morrison has gone for a while now – I mean generally, since he’s never really done anything useful for Aussie citizens, but also specifically after the NSW air quality reached 12x the level that is considered “hazardous.”

Calls for action echoed uselessly as he insisted nothing was wrong and that we should really be focusing on his new Religious Discrimination Bill that basically makes it easier for religious people to discriminate against us. Great. After that failed press meeting in Sydney, it seems the PM just… disappeared?

David Shoebridge, MP for the Greens, raised the alarm on Twitter.

Twitter has blown up with outrage at the thought of Scott Morrison on vacation while Australians are either being slowly poisoned by smoke, or having their homes burnt down by fire.

 Scott Morrison’s Location Isn’t Known By His Office

Scott Morrison’s office are claiming that they either do not know where he is, or that he is not in Hawaii but cannot disclose where he actually is. They have reportedly also said that his location is “not a story.” Hmm.

It has been confirmed that the deputy Prime Minister is acting PM, which means Scott Morrison is indeed out of town. Wherever he is, I hope he’s ready for the backlash awaiting him when he returns to Sydney. Oh wait, no I don’t. Because he’s fucked off to god knows where, and we’re expecting to burn waiting for him.

This is the man who denied aid to firefighters, so what did we expect?

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