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Hannah Gay is a young content and media professional who is freaking killing it at the moment. From a university degree to internships – and even editing with the early 5Why team – she’s now about to take up a sweet role as Content Coordinator with David Jones magazine. So we chatted to her about her journey from poor uni student to full time coordinator.

Tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

Hannah Gay: I’ve just begun a Content Coordinator role with the to-be-launched David Jones magazine. I previously held the roles of Fashion and Beauty Assistant, and Editorial Coordinator with FAMOUS magazine (where I began as an intern). I was also one of the first contributors to the 5Why family!

How long have you been working for now?

HG: I’ve been interning and working in various roles in the media industry for around four years, particularly in TV, newspapers and magazines.

Where did it all begin for you?

HG: My degree is in Communications and Media, but I gained the greatest depth of knowledge through work experience roles. Volunteering my time on university newspapers and working as an Editor with 5Why was helpful early on. So was connecting with classmates who put me forward for internship opportunities – that helped me secure my first jobs. I simply put my hand up for anything and everything!

What was the hardest part of making it in the media industry?

HG: Landing a great internship can be difficult, and that’s just step one! Once you’ve got a foot in, do everything in your power to smile and leave a lasting impression. Luck is also a factor, but it’s good to remember not to be discouraged if it takes a few internships to get you to where you want to be.

Who inspires you in your work and general life?

HG: Figureheads like Arianna Huffington, Lisa Wilkinson, Sarah Harris (UK Vogue), as well as my close friends and boyfriend.

Do you have any quotes that you live by?

HG: “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

What advice would you give to other people trying to make it in media?

HG: Do the bare minimum, and then some. I would intern additional hours at FAMOUS, which landed me a job for the magazine. And I would always make a point of showing initiative and completing even the most boring of tasks with enthusiasm. People take notice of positive learners.

Where to now for Hannah Gay?

HG: I’m looking forward to my latest role and seeing where it takes me. At this stage in my career, I want to soak up as much as possible and learn from my elder mentors. I love magazines, so can see myself pushing for an editor position or senior lifestyle writing role in the future. I also try to keep in mind that a career isn’t everything and that it’s possible to find happiness in all areas of life.

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