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Stephanie Meyer Is Releasing Twilight Prequel ‘Midnight Sun’, To Fill Your Isolated Vampire Void

Midnight Sun is out Aug 4th.

In totally unexpected news – unless, as it turns out, you’re a big Stephanie Meyer fan – the Twilight Saga will be getting a new book on August 4th this year. WOOO!

That’s right my shiny-skinned isolation dwellers, Meyer’s releasing a prequel to the original four-part series. It’ll be narrated by Edward himself (proof that just when Robert Pattinson thought he had escaped this image, Meyer just pulls him right back in), but otherwise not too much concrete info on the book just yet.

Will it be a solo adventure to tie up some loose ends? Will it trigger another series of books? Who knows at this stage, but the author did said she seriously tossed up delaying the book amidst the current COVID pandemic.

“I hope this announcement doesn’t seem ill-timed; I really considered delaying the release until the world was back to normal,” she said in a statement on her official website.

“However, 1) who knows when that will be? And 2) you guys have waited long enough,”

To be honest, with all the adaptions of already done stories (look at you, Disney), it’s at least nice to be getting some new original entertainment content. So, it’s super exciting that Meyer has kept to her 2020 release date.

And as it turns out, fans had sort of been expecting a massive book announcement for over a week now, as Meyer had been sharing countdown clocks and subtle hints across her socials.

The Midnight Sun book of course has a tiny bit of history too. Back in 2008, the book had it’s 12-written chapters leaked online, and Meyer was naturally pissed. She left the book for seven years, looked to start working again on it in 2015 – but by then 50 Shades Of Grey was top of the pops – a story legit based on Twilight fanfic (WHAT).

So a lot of people just expected this book to be the novel that never was. The author made tonnes of cash, sold millions and millions worldwide, and it had a pretty successful – if cringe at times – three-part film franchise.

But, despite the first book being released 15 years ago (feel old), and the series finishing a decade ago, there is still tonnes of appetite for the Twilight saga. With Meyer’s website crashing before the announcement could even be made officially.

So now we wait, just over three months for the prequel – we’ve done almost two months or global lockdowns and isolation, so three months should be a breeze.


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