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Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Has Dropped, And Boy These Teens Have Hit Puberty Real Quick

Well kids, it’s finally here the first full trailer for Netflix’s arguably most successful and viral original TV show – Stranger Things. And S3 seems like it will be the most different. Way more characters, a lot of the old ones are still around, and it finally looks like the Upside Down is going to impact a lot more than our little group of bike riders.

Mike and the gang are all teens now (boy, they’ve seriously grown up, considering S3 only happens six months after S2). And the trailer focuses on your fave teeth-lacking Dustin being a bit outcasted as the other boys go off living their lives with their puppy loving gfs. There’s A LOT happening in this Stranger Things trailer, but check it out below in full.

As you can tell, plenty of stuff to take in. Compared to all of Stranger Things’ previous trailers to ever be released, they’ve actually given us a lot of tip offs. We’ve got a new skinless demogorgon type animal running around, there seems to be a lot of internal character tension, and it looks like Jonathan Byers is also set to be infect by some type of Upside Down-esque virus. Mind you, if they kill Steve (we catch a glimpse of him in serious pain) – WE FKN RIOT.

So after watching the trailer and all that comes with it, check out this explanation video to get a bit of clarity.

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