Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Is Serving Us Major Goosebumps & We’re Pumped

Release the demogorgons. I’m ready.

They’re back baby. The trailer for our beloved, demogorgon-ragingly good supernatural series just dropped and it’s looking to be an absolute doozy of a season. The trailer kicks off with an absolute banger of a hook line, “You let us in. And now you’re going to have to let us stay”.

I’m shakin’ in my boots for two reasons. The first is that the cast look like they’ve matured at least 8 years (besides Dustin, your cheeks will be perpetually chubby). The second is that it seems Eleven may have closed the gate on the Upside Down world with the monster actually locked on the inside – in Hawkins (!) Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

The plot looks like it will take on a very similar direction to other seasons, but I feel like season 3 is bringing a whole new level of suspense – plus the trailer hints at something significantly more evil about Billy. I’m really intrigued to see where that teaser goes.

One thing I’m loving about the trailer is it’s hinting at some extremely flawless cinematography and costuming. This series gains more and more quality with every season. I’ve penciled in a Stranger Things marathon for July 4 and honestly, you need to do the same.

Release the demogorgons. I’m ready.

Sources: Netflix Youtube. 

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