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New Street Art Set To Give Sydney A Colourful Makeover

Sydney cops a lot of flack from it’s supposedly ‘more cultured’ younger brother Melbourne, with it’s supporters constantly illuminating how it’s just simply more colourful, cool and exciting.

Well we know that’s definitely not the case. Melbourne we will hand it to you, we adore your food, culture and nightlife hot spots but we know we’ve still got the better end of the deal here in Sydney.

This weekend, the Inner West Council will undergo a transformation thanks to Perfect Match. It will see 18 new murals painted around various suburbs by local artists. To amp up the warm and fuzzy feelings of comradery (don’t @ us) that art provides, the local council ‘matches’ residents with artists to transform their local space. How’s that for your graffiti lanes, Melbs?

Local artists who’ll be changing things up include, Mulga The Artist, Jumboist, Georgia Hill, Thomas Jackson & more. There are also talks, guided tours and interactive events involved.

Tours include a Self Guided Art On The Streets Tour through Marrickville, Wall2Wall Bus Tour through Leichhardt, Balmain, Lilyfield, Annandale and Camperdown and guided photography tours.

Don’t let the naysayers (aka Melbournites) get you down whilst trashing Sydney, we’ve got characters like this roaming the streets, parties and an ABUNDANCE of food trucks. It’s an understated coolness, something the loud mouth proclaimers of Melbourne wouldn’t quite get…

Originally published on The Cut, the cultural centre of the entire world.

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