Streets Ice Cream Just Dropped A Game-Changing Golden Gaytime Flavour

Golden Gaytime, the best ice cream of all time, has been an Aussie classic for generations. We’ve seen different flavours come and go that have never compared to the O.G.

Streets Ice Cream just dropped a new flavour that we think may stick (no pun intended) around for a while.


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A supposedly highly requested flavour, this Gaytime is described as an “utterly delicious take on Australia’s favourite ice cream.” We’re thinking salted caramel vibes with that same Golden Gaytime crunch. Think of it like caramel popcorn…mmmm.

We think this killer combo of sweet and salty will balance and bring out the best qualities of the Gaytime we know and love.


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This new take on a classic has hit stores around the country and are now available for purchase, just in time for ice-cream season. They can be purchased in a pack of four, or in singles if you’re a bit of a food hog.

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