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Study Reveals We Are Willing To Spend $3.6bn To Escape Winter

Yep, it’s been officially proven, us Aussies hate winter. But does it really come as a surprise? I mean majority of the nation is sprawling in sunshine for most of the year, so when winter comes around bringing the chilly winds and the rains, well we want nothing more than to escape. Our mates at Cheapflights surveyed 1500 locals that revealed that four in five Australian’s know someone stuck in a winter induced rut, with 73 percent of locals willing to spend up to $5000 on a #wintervention.

And the biggest culprits wanting to escape the grey sky… us! Yep it’s Aussies aged between 25 to 34 that are likely to dip into a filthy winter rut. But luckily the sun is always shining somewhere, and this seems to be our biggest motivation for booking a sneaky overseas trip.

So rather than complaining about the weather for the next few months, cash in that leave at work and nab a last minute deal. Nathan Graham from Cheapflights ANZ couldn’t have said it any better, “the sun is always shining somewhere and with new routes opening up across the country there’s even more opportunity to nab last-minute deals. Now is the time to investigate and stage that #wintervention and thaw out those winter blues.”

#1 Darwin, Northern Territory

Don’t have the big budget to splurge last minute; well there is abslutely no need to fear. Take a domestic trip to one of the warmest cities in the country with temperatures soaring in the 30s during August (that’s what I like to hear). Flights will only set you back at around 200 bucks return and the city is filled with plenty to do. Sunset markets are on until October, plus you’re only a short journey away from some of the most spectacular nature and wildlife in the country.

#2 Houston, Texas

Swap the coastline for the dry desert sand and get yourself over to the Wild West (don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots). Flights to Houston are $1000 return, so you’re probably gonna get one of the best long flight deals this time of year. You’re set to soak up those rays with average temperatures in the late 20s. Get ready to wrap your mouth around the finest BBQ, and don’t forget to make a pit spot at the NASA space station.

#3 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For $400 return you could be jetting off to the tropical climates of Kuala Lumpur, be sure to expect some rain, but no need to worry about frozen hands cause temperatures are soaring in the 30s. The city is filled with sites to soak up; great markets, spectacular gardens, the royal palace and even the best party beaches are only a bus ride away.

#4 Barcelona, Spain

If you’re happy to tackle the summer crowds of Europe and you have a little extra cash up your sleeve, well Barcelona should be on your list. It will make you forget what winter even is, the coastal party city homes temperatures in the high 30s (just glorious). Cheapest flights go from Melbs for about a grand, but no need to fear, accommodation and spending won’t set you back too much. Be sure to eat all the tapas, drink all the sangria and laze by the beach infinitely.

#5 Shanghai, China

If you’re a city person by nature but still love the heat, well Shanghai is totally the place for you. Temperatures are set in the mid 30s this time of year and flights are cheap as chips, about 350 bucks return. Temples, markets, food and glorious river side views. Melt those winter blues right away.

Image Sources: Pinterest, Visit Houston, Travel Channel, Kuala Lumpur, Travel and Leisure, Unsplash.

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