Stupid Fights Every Young Couple Has

Ahhh young love, so dumb.

Aside from those annoying couples who swear, “no we never fight, we get on so well,” every young couple finds themselves bickering about the stupidest things. We should enjoy our days of Netflix fights before they turn into which school should we send our son fights. Yikes. But anyway, here’s a definitive list of all the dumb fights every twenty-something couple has.

The ‘You Always Choose The Movie’ Fight

Ahh fights about Netflix. Why do we fight about this so much? God knows. But I could swear my boyfriend never lets me watch chick flicks and we always watch Will Ferrell movies. However ask him and you will get a completely different story.

The ‘Do You Think That Actor Is Hot?’ Fight

Asking your significant other if they find an actor in the film you’re watching hot. Then proceeding to get really mad because they said yes. I still get so angry every time I see Jennifer Anniston and I just can’t help it.

The Sleeping Temperature Fight

The nightly fight about whether or not to sleep with the air-conditioning and fan on when your girlfriend is ALWAYS freezing but you’re constantly on the verge of heatstroke.

‘Bae Cheated On You In Your Dream’ Fight

Yes it was a dream but it felt so real and you just don’t know how they could hurt you like that.

Who Gets To Use The Charger

“What percent are you on?”

“I have work in the morning, I need charge more than you.”

Who’s Family Is More Dysfunctional

“No babe you just wouldn’t get it, you never had to deal with a half sister in-law’s cat with bi-polar.”

Google Maps

It’s an unspoken rule that whenever Google Maps comes into play, a fight is on the horizon. Nothing brings out the worst in a couple like directions.

The “I Just Think It’s Funny That You Liked Her Picture” Fight

“I’m not mad, its just funny.”

Who Plays Music In The Car

“Babe can you just play this Drake song for me?”

“No, you chose the last 2 songs, so I get to choose the next 6.”

The Past

Ignoring bae for a whole 20 minutes because you remembered that time she was texting another boy during your second date. Does she even realise how much that hurt you?

Where To Eat

Probably the most fought about thing EVER. Can someone PLEASE just make a decision.

The ‘Were Ross And Rachel On A Break’ Fight?

My boyfriend swears they were broken up but I KNOW they were on a break. Ugh, men are unbelievable.

One Of You Calling The Other ‘Bro’

Or dude, or mate, or buddy.

The ‘We’ve Been Fighting Too Much’ Fight

It’s like argument inception.

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