Subtle Signs That You Are Crushing On Someone

For some, emotions such as love and affection are enough to retract uncomfortable whale noises. Why we have to feel all of those tortured emotions is beyond me, but unfortunately biology is to blame. As much as we (myself included) may want to stop the onslaught of feelings, they’re here to stay. So, when navigating your way around something like a crush (yes, adults can still have them), how on earth do you figure out if it’s legit?

Constantly Checking If They’ve Texted

Let’s be real, if you’re constantly checking to see if their name is on your lock screen, you’re probably crushing on them. Either that or you’re just obsessed with pointlessly looking at your lock screen for no reason. If it’s the latter then you do you, friend. If it’s the former, and they do actually manage to respond back, you’ll probably be met with something akin to an adrenalin rush.


Oh yes, butterflies. These are the absolute standard for any crush. You never know if your adrenal system is out of whack, or if your heart’s exploding, or if you’re going to be sick. Whatever they make you feel you can’t really squash them down. Gotta love the discomfort of biological responses to stimuli. If you catch yourself looking (staring shamelessly) at your boo’s face and you feel those stupid flutters, congrats (or condolences), you’re keen.

You Talk About Them.. A Lot

If you constantly have the need to chatter about the favourite bits and pieces of your chosen human, then yep, you guessed it, ya crushing. When you have a crush there’s always going to be an opportunity (in your opinion) to wedge their name into a conversation. Whether the inclusion be unintentional or not, your friends are bound to notice the pattern.. and possibly tease you mercilessly.

You Want To Spend Obscene Amounts Of Time With Them

You want to spend all of your precious time with them because you’re obsessed with their face and all that jazz. Of course, wanting to see them is completely normal. And for the crush to potentially turn into something more, quality time is a pretty sure-fire way to make that happen.

You Social Stalk Them

Welcome to the 21st century, where social platforms are everywhere and stalking one another is the norm. Often when you have a crush it’s standard to have a thorough stalk through their Instagram and Facebook. Apparently, you can learn a great deal about a person by scrolling through their Christmas album from 2012. But do you really want to know if you’ve got a crush or not? Have a stalk of their formative years, particularly the ones where puberty was going through them like wild-fire. If that kills ya good vibes, it was just a simple crush. If you still find yourself frothing over how adorable they were, even while heavily hormonal, then you’re in new emotional territory now. God speed, friend.

Image source: Warner Bros. Television and 20th Century Fox Television

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