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Sugar Daddy Site Will Pay For Abortions In The United States For Women Who Can’t Afford Them

CEO of Seeking Arrangements offers aid to combat abortion laws, and I’m shook.

As conservative-led states in the US push bills making it near impossible for women to attain safe abortions, aid from an unlikely ally is on the way. The CEO of a sugar baby website, Seeking Arrangements, is creating a charity to raise money for those who need it. Remember mates, not all heroes wear capes.

That’s right, the CEO of a sugar daddy website is assuring women aid and alliance against the unjust legislation that strips them of their bodily autonomy. Congratulations, Americayou’ve really done it this time. I’m near speechless about this one.

Brandon Wade is the man behind SeekingArrangements (and subsequently, its charities). The platform he helms caters to “the top 20 richest countries in the world.” So like, they’re kinda legit. The site connects 10 million “sugar babies” to sugar daddies and or sugar mommas (i.e. rich folk looking to splash their cash on a lover). The promise of the site is “mutually beneficial” relationships.

First of all, Wade’s public statement is heartwarming. The CEO took to Youtube on Tuesday 4 June to share his position and assure women aid. Hopefully his message is well received—after all, his remarks were as heartwarming as they were intelligent.

Wade addresses how women in poverty will be hit the hardest by this legislation. In states like Alabamathe state with the craziest abortion lawspoverty is unreasonably high. A woman looking to obtain an abortion there can’t simply hop over to a neighboring state. The cost of abortions in the US is unreasonably high, which only makes it harder for women living below the poverty line. As if these women don’t have enough to worry about.

“If lawmakers will not step in to help these desperate women, then I will,” said Wade.

Wade’s girlfriend Zoe and her sister are both from Alabama. According to Wade, the sisters sobbed when Alabama made headlines for their recent legislation. As a result, Wade and Zoe will work together on a charity called Fight Against Poverty. Um, goals.

The charity, according to Wade, will provide funding for those “who cannot afford to provide for themselves travel out of their home state to access proper healthcare and to exercise their right to a choice.”

Seriously, I’m gushing over this dude. America, it’s obvious you’ve gone too far when the CEO of a sugar daddy site is aiding people more than senators.

Image Source: GIPHY, Refinery29

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