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Summer Holidays: Expectation Vs. Reality

“I’m gonna get SO fit”

Ahh Summer. A season of hopes and dreams. New flings and friendships. Parties and sunsets. We’re raring to get on with the short time we have, but high expectations don’t always go to plan. And that’s okay. summer’s all about going with the flow, so don’t set those standards too high.

But amidst all of those sun-kissed summer getaways, there is always a way we think things will go, and how the actually turn out. It can all seem like rainbows and sunshine, but it can often be a lonely time for many. So we’ve teamed up with headspace to bring you our I Can’t Even Deal RN series, with some of the all-to-relatable feelings you’re bound to experience this summer.

#1 Activities

Expectation: Sun’s out, bum’s out. I’m totally spending all my free time lounging outside.

Reality: Is someone punishing me in the form of hay fever?

Of course, the more Vitamin D we can soak up the better. And boy, does the sun make it so much easier to get outside and explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately for some, the dreaded runny nose and itchy eyes situation hits hard. How are we supposed to appreciate Mother Nature when she is literally forcing us to stay inside?!

#2 Friends

Expectation: Events for days, we’re making the most of it!

Reality: So you’re not free Thursday, or Saturday? Well I’m working Tuesday and Sunday. And Sarah’s on holiday all week. Maybe next summer..

The number one problem over summer is finding a time when all your pals are free for all the awesome activities you’ve got planned. Whether it’s going overseas, hosting a barbecue or just going out for drinks, it’s just inevitable that you’re not all going to make it. Sometimes you just have to accept some people won’t be available – and that’s fine, just be a good friend and set a time with them later on.

#3 Exercise

Expectation: I’m gonna get so fit and healthy this year, just watch me smash gym and great diets.

Reality: Gym can wait, there’s a bottomless brunch with Mimosas going down a treat.

That outdoor freshness just screams beach days, runs and brunch after a swim. But you see those bottomless cocktail lunches on offer and they go down far too easily. Along with the mounds of maple bacon on offer *drool*. Nope. This is never going to work.

#4 Work

Expectation: I’m actually NOT going to work all summer holiday again and enjoy the vibes.

Reality: ‘Yeah sorry, can’t go out. I’m working.. again.’

Every year, we say we’re not going to work seven days a week like a trojan. And every year, we do the exact opposite. Forget your social life, work is now your priority, even if you despise it. Your boss is treating you like their personal puppet and you have no idea why, but you’re going along with it all. Just try to make sure you don’t burnout too much, take care of yourself first and air any problems with your manager.

#5 Romance

Expectation: I’m going to find my ultimate soul mate, The Notebook style.

Reality: Swiping through Tinder day after day as per usual.

Hours spent swiping in hope of finding your very own Noah or Allie isn’t going down too well. You’ve deleted (and re-downloaded) Tinder and Bumble too many times to count, yet it’s still your go to for finding your soul mate. What ever happened to meeting the love of your life in a bar?! One can dream..

Summer break not exactly panning out like how you imagined or hoped for? Don’t stress out too much. It’s such a high expectation period, that when it doesn’t go to plan we can feel pretty isolated. So if you’re struggling a bit, check out this guide from headspace on how to deal with those tougher days. It’ll help you bounce back, and you’ll be feeling much better in no time. Happy holidays!

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