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Super Bingeable Netflix Films For A Chilly Night In

Netflix has come in once again, as our knight in shining armour and saved the day (or night). Whether it’s a weeknight in, or a Friday/Saturday night not on the town, and you’ve made the mature decision to not destroy your bladder. Firstly, go you. And secondly, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to have a boring evening.

We have your solution sorted (well Netflix does), and here are some of the best hidden gems to watch on that super chill(y) night in. Grab the popcorn.

It Follows

We start off with this distilled horror that is all about a young woman sleeping with her boyfriend for the first time (here we go). While this all sounds normal so far, here’s the weird bit. Straight after the deed is done, the boyfriend tells her that he was the latest recipient of a curse that is transmitted through sexual contact (yikes). Things just get even weirder after that.

It has all the makings of a really shit film to be honest, but strangely enough, it has become one of Netflix’s most talked about movies of recent times. Not saying you’ll be telling all your mates to watch it, but it’s a solid, easy viewing.


Anna-what? (Our exact thoughts dw.) This seat gripping film mixes fantasy with thriller and mystery.

It follows a biologist in search for answers after her husband disappears with no explanation. After putting their names down for an expedition into unknown territory, five female professionals embark on this journey together on the ultimate #girlpower trip in hopes to get some answers.

Guys, don’t be fooled by the plot, this movie ends down a dark and twisted WTF?! path. So if you enjoy science and all things weird, then we have found your next must watch.  Oh and did I mention that Natalie Portman is in it? She is legit goals.

Set It Up 

Moving on to a more romcom genre now, to cater for all you ladies (or gents..) out there.

Set it up is a Netflix original movie about two assistants who team up and plan to “Parent Trap” their bosses, so that they can have more free time. So if you are planning a girls night in, #sleepover, or are just simply looking for a light-hearted romcom to watch alone in your bed, then you have struck gold here.

Lone Survivor

If you are looking for a more serious night in, then this film will be your jam. This award-winning flick stars Mark Wahlberg (wipes drool) and is based on a true story. Im not sure if that makes it better or worse to watch tbh (you’ll know why when you watch it). It might even cause a few tear jerking moments throughout, not gonna’ lie.

It follows four U.S. Navy seals who are deployed overseas on a mission to capture or kill a notorious Taliban leader. It is the real life Call Of Duty essentially.

So if you like Mark Wahlberg and action packed war things, put your Playstation controller down and get watching.


To end the movie night, we have another new horror movie that has turned heads. And a big disclosure to start with, this movie is not in English (ugh, annoying right?!). However, subtitles are available (if you’ve already binged Narcos then no complaining pls) and the foreign element makes it even more scary.

Supposedly based on a true story, Veronica begins with a young girl’s messing around with a Ouija board at school – why a horror protagonists always so idiotic?? You can guess what might come next. After a series of seriously creepy and nail biting scenes, all shit hits the fan. Make sure you have a few cuddle buddies for this one. Thanks Netflix. 

Image Source: Apaches Entertainment

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