Super Easy One Pot Recipes For Hearty Weeknight Dinners

The dreaded winter chill is drawing to an end and we’re still pretty down in the dump over these long days and freezing mornings. Summer, where are you already? If cooking is totally not your thing and you’ve been craving your Mum’s homemade dinners that actually fill you up (Easy Mac doesn’t quite do the trick, I’ve found), look no further than these recipes. Plus, one pot = minimal washing up. Winning!

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

The ultimate winter one-pot dish where these simple ingredients become a creamy mass of warmth for a cold night. Add a heap of parmesan on top for a bit of extra cheesiness, because no amount of cheese is too much. The summer bod diet can start next Monday. Dead easy to cook for a group if you’re having a few people round, too.

Recipe – BBC Good Food

Beef Chow Mein

The prospect of trying to recreate the chow mein from your local may terrify you, but fight the urge to order in and save some cash dollar. This is seriously delish and will warm up your little soul as winter draws to a close. Switch up the beef to chicken or prawns (or include all for a cheeky special chow mein) if you’re not feeling it. Honestly, is there anything better than a massive bowl of noodles after a long week?

Recipe – Life Made Sweeter

Chicken, Bacon and Goat’s Cheese Pasta

You’re gonna need something warm and filling to get you through hump day, and pasta is the way to go. This creamy number is so good, I guarantee you now that you’ll eat too much and will end up oozing (avec food baby) into your mattress and not move for the rest of the night in front of the latest murder mystery on Netflix. Achievement? I think so.

Recipe – Tasty

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Perfect for that ‘can’t be arsed’ Sunday night meal. God know’s how your parents used to whack out a roast every bloody week. Kudos to them. After a looong weekend, you’re pretty much just looking for an easy way out, and this soup is your answer. Just pair with some thick crusty bread and you’re sorted.

P.S. If you make a big batch, there’s no need to think about lunch for the next few days either.

Recipe – Detox Inista

Beef Stew

Home comforts here you come. And with super minimal effort, too. You can chuck all the ingredients into a slow cooker and voila, it’ll be ready when you get home from work. You may have to get up a tiny bit earlier but it’ll all be worth it when you can kick your shoes off as soon as you step in the door and grab a big bowl of yumminess.

Recipe – The Busy Baker

Image Sources: Detox Inista, New Idea

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