Sweet Jesus, Arnotts Iced Vovos Are A Chocolate Bar Now

You heard right, brah. Perennial biscuit wizards Arnotts are taking a page out of Cadbury’s playbook and launching a whole line of chocolate bars inspired by your favs. That means as of next week, you can sink your teeth into a block o’ choc and find your mouth filled with the inimitable taste of an Iced Vovo.

If that weren’t enough to get you salivating, Wagon Wheels and weirdo’s top pick Ginger Nut are on the agenda, too. And it’s here that shit gets buck wild — Scotch Finger? You bet. It might not be as convenient to dip in your tea as the ol’ fingie, but it’ll sure as hell taste stupid good.

Then there’s Jatz. Uh huh. Jatz crackers in a block of effing chocolate. Get these salty suckas in yo grill stat.

Hey. It’s OK to weep. We’re not judging.

Obviously not every Arnotts fan is going to be stoked at the announcement. We’re yet to hear anything about the humble Kingston, AKA the world’s greatest bikkie, hitting the production line — but we can at least be happy that progress towards such a miraculous occasion has been made.

For now, let that 0.5 star health rating get your heart racing (before it inevitably slows it down after overconsumption) and count down the days until these sweet bars are in your mitts.

Just in time for Easter, too. Arnotts, you tease.

Images: Arnotts, Wikipedia, Unsplash (@kaffeemeister)

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