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Sydney Aquarium Is Opening For A Night-Time Jellyfish Garden And It’s The Perfect Date

Moon jellyfish are the cutest things.

Coming up with creative date ideas is so much harder in winter. It’s cold, you don’t want to be outside, but you feel like movie-and-dinner is just getting old. You wanna be creative, and don’t want something that’s kinda boring or overdone. And we’ve got the perfect idea – Sydney Aquarium is going to have an after-dark session of booze, jellyfish and wonder. And it’s your next date.

Next Wednesday 26 June, Sydney Aquarium is going to run a night session showcasing their wide range of weird, spooky and kinda adorable jellyfish in their ‘jellyfish garden’. Is that not the cutest thing ever?

Bring your date for a night-time stroll in the jellyfish garden, enjoying the luminous atmosphere and low-lighting. It’s cute, romantic, still being super fun and interesting, and guaranteed to stand out.

There’ll be cute jelly blubbers, the rare upside-down jelly fish, and (my personal fave) moon jellies!

While you explore, marine experts will talk to you about all the weird and wonderful facts about jellyfish. They’re pretty funky creatures, and there’s heaps of wild stories floating around – do they die? Are they all dangerous? Which ones can kill us? Does peeing on a sting really work? The marine experts are here to clear all that up, and share their love for these luminous blobs.

And don’t worry, you can still see all the other fishies too! You’re welcome to visit the sharks, crabs, penguins – whatever floats your boat. It’s just that the special focus is on our jelly friends.

The aquarium opens at 6pm for aquarium exploring, and then the talk is from 6.45-7.45pm. The tickets are $40, and cover entry, a drink and some refreshments. And yes – you can buy more drinks. Grab your cocktail, and enjoying the floaty balls of light as you and your date escape the cold and enter the magic of and underwater world.

Sources: GIPHY, Pexels

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