This Sydney Bar Is Serving Ya 10c Dumplings Every Tuesday, So Loosen The Belt

It’s been a while since my uni days, and I remember the penny-pinching, the homebrew, the endless packs of Mi Goreng. Those days are gone, but I still crave some good cheap eats from time to time (who doesn’t?). Plenty of time was spent hunting through Asian supermarkets for cheap frozen dumplings to round out my (clearly) balanced diet. But in such a mood I generally wouldn’t be making a trip to The Rocks — lovely as it is, it’s not exactly a bargain hunter’s dream postcode.

On Tuesday 23 April, you’d be crazy not to be in The Rocks. Because the Argyle are selling dumplings for bloody ten cents a pop.

For those of us who haven’t slipped into a post-Easter chocolate coma, this is a gift from on high. Obviously the Argyle are savvy folks, so the catch is that you’ll have to drop some cash on a full-price bevvies. But since when was that a catch? Personally, I’ll be halfway through a Tigerlily (tequilaaaaaaa) by the time you chumps get there.

Oh, make sure you grab a reservation — pretty likely you won’t be the only people to have heard of this wondrous dumpling bounty.

See you next Tuesday, dumpling lovers.

Images: Unsplash (@abhishek_sanwa), Giphy.

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