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The Sydney Drink Up That’ll Have You Dreaming Of European Summers

Whether work or uni commitments got in the way, perhaps the thought alone of buying flights burnt a hole in your empty pockets, sadly not all of us can make the pilgrimage to Europe for a mid-year getaway. And when your mind is set on lounging in Sicily, a Domino’s pizza or a homemade attempt at a Negroni doesn’t quite cut it.

But boy oh boy have we got a treat for you.

Solerno are hooking you up with a jetlag-free trip to Tuscany to celebrate Blood Orange season with Celebrazione dell’Arancia Rossa.

Finally giving the humble blood orange the recognition it deserves, Celebrazione dell’Arancia Rossa, held at Capriccio Osteria in Sydney’s own little Italy Leichhardt, showcases the versatility and straight-up deliciousness of Solerno and Red Belly Citrus blood oranges.

On the menu are not only five Solerno cocktail creations, but also a delicious range of entrees, mains and desserts hero-ing blood oranges, including a ridiculously tasty scallop and blood orange pasta. Capriccio Osteria’s Head Chef Nicole puts the versatility of blood oranges on show in her handcrafted menu; pairing it up with fennel, olives, pork and even octopus – get around it.

Kicking back in Capriccio’s Tuscan courtyard, you might try your hand at a Solerno Serata – featuring grapefruit juice, bitters and soda – or a Sicilian 75 – a mix of lemon and blood orange juice with prosecco and Solerno. Simultaneously refreshing and strong (the ideal mix), these cocktail are a fresh twist fit for Spring.

If a trip to the Amalfi Coast unfortunately isn’t in your cards for the weekend, squeeze in a trip to the next best thing. Head to Capriccio Osteria before November 19th for the experience, and try your hand at all five Solerno cocktails if you dare.


When? Now to November 19th, 2017
Where? Capriccio Osteria – 159 Norton Street Leichardt NSW 2040
Cost? Free entry, to book call Capriccio Osteria at (02) 9572 7607
More Info? http://www.solernoliqueur.com/ 

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