Sydney Festival Hosting First Big Same Sex Marriage Ceremony

So, Australia (well actually the politicians, let’s be real) has finally stopped stuffing around and got off its (their) ass, finally taking legal action to make marriage equal for all, not just to those with opposing genitalia. As Aussies, we love an excuse to come together to pursue a grand old time, celebrating something that is so well deserved – and this is pretty damn deserved. What better way to celebrate the long overdue legalisation of marriage equality than to host a gigantic wedding reception? Well, apart from partying at the Doof until dawn, there’s no better way to celebrate, in my opinion.

Luckily for all of us, Sydney Festival (bless their cotton socks) are hosting a ‘Love Is Love Wedding Reception’ on January 9th, from 6-8pm, in dedication to first day that same-sex couples can formally marry. If you find yourselves without plans (or even if you do have plans – cancel them), take a nice waltz down to the Meriton Festival Village in Hyde Park North (enter via the Central Avenue Walkway) and soak up the happy, vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the special occasion.

Wedding receptions can often be an affair to remember, and this will be no different, as Sydney Festival has a large and wonderful tendency to be eccentrically out of the box. You can float around in a bright pink swimming pool (talk about a photo opp), drop it like it’s hot at a 10 Minute Dance Party, and sing (or wail out of tune) while riding on the Karaoke Carousel. If you’re feeling extra loved up, you can play the role of the wedding singer and serenade the crowd of complete strangers (you may need some liquid courage for that short-lived solo singing career). And last but not least, DJ Charlie Villas will be there with all the bangers you could want. These good times won’t cost you a single cent, so no need to unzip the wallet. Just bring your cheery self.

BSP-Vegan Cupcake-0031-web.jpg

Wedding cakes are being created for the momentous occasion. Black Star Pastry, are making a rainbow coloured pavlova cake with a whopping five tiers (because of course one pavlova isn’t enough), and My Little Panda Kitchen are making a vegan cake to froth over. Get giddy on the Champagne that’ll be flowing and dig into a second desert by Messina, who are providing a salted caramel and fior di latte gelato, which is coated in biscuit crumb (I’m nearly in tears from cravings). It’s also be worth mentioning that the Champs won’t cost you any dosh, either. All the more reason to party on. The cake and booze festivities start from approximately 7:30pm, enough time to have a dance, sing or a lounge in the pool.

After copious years of waiting, protesting and intense debate, the time has finally come where we can celebrate all the achievements the past couple months has brought us, and step into the new and improved era of love and marriage. This occasion is sure to be an amazing time for all, so gather your mates and make your Tuesday night worthwhile by showing your pride and support.

Image source: Sydney Festival, Blackstar Pastry and Pedestrian TV

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