Sydney Has Scored A Dedicated Hummus Bar And I Am Salivating

Some for you, some for (humm)us.

Happy International Hummus Day, folks! (yes, it’s a thing, and rightly so). It’s a good day to be a hummus lover, especially if you’re a Sydneysider because tonight, you will be blessed with its first bar 100% dedicated to the glorious golden dip.
Simply Hummus Bar, in Darlinghurst, will be opening to celebrate this most hallowed day (that, really, is every day).
From 5pm, they’ll be offering free tastings (and refills) of hot hummus, falafel, pita, mouth-watering baklava, soups and Turkish coffee. There’ll also be a live DJ and drums to keep you satisfied physically, emotionally, and spiritually all through the night. If that doesn’t sound like heaven on earth, idk what does.
It’s the perfect Monday night meal to share with your friends and to boost your spirits after a rough day back in the real world. And truly, if any of the early reviews are to go by, I think we’re onto a winner:

“Simply Hummus is hands down the best hummus, pita and falafel I have had!” – Loni Hudson on Happy Cow 

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“The falafel were like nothing I’d had before: warm and peppery, and oily in the good way. … [the pita] was doughy and delicious — just right for scooping!” – @bettymae on Happy Cow


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“Best hummus in town, tastes great and served beautifully” – @ReneeMarkDvir on Happy Cow


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wooow. 😍 so i forgot my lunch today for the first time in 6 months. the thought stressed me out because, you know, unnecessary money expenditures and waste, etc. etc. 😣 but this was incredible. a full bowl of hummus with fiery tomatoes and hot, crispy falafel. a side of pillowy pita and slice of baklava. all vegan. 👏 5 mins from work’s doorstep. what an amazing little place you guys have set up @simplyhummusbar !!! 🙌 gotta forget lunch more often. 😅

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How could you not feel total bliss after indulging on that?

Seriously, I’m so hungry.

Check it out, eat some delicious food, and amp your Instagram food porn game up to 100, you’ll find everything you need (and more) at 393 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst.

If you aren’t in Sydney tonight, no need to worry, Simply Hummus Bar’s grand opening is the beginning of an era of delicious dipping and dining.

And besides, if you still want to get in on the International Hummus Day action (and you should), you can always run down to your local supermarket and grab a tub, cut up some carrot and celery sticks, DIY your own pita and falafel and dip on in – it won’t be the same but at least you’re getting in the spirit of things.

Oh, and invite your friends. Hummus is always better when shared – and you won’t feel as guilty for eating a whole tub (a nice bonus!)

Dinner date anyone?

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