Sydney Just Declared A Climate Emergency, So Cheers

Sydney is pushing the federal government to do more to combat climate change.

Sydney has issued a climate emergency and the word ’emergency’ has never had such a positive ring to it. With this, the city is actively pushing the Federal Government to tackle the grossly high rates of carbon emissions produced in Australia. So cheers, we’re definitely keen to accept this!

The Sydney council voted to issue this state of emergency on Monday 24 June, and the vote was absolutely unanimous, with 9 people voting to take this on. They all agreed climate change poses a serious risk to people in Sydney and the rest of Australia. And well let’s be real, the whole bloody planet.

So what does this climate emergency entail? Well, with this motion Sydney calls on the Federal Government to treat climate change as a national emergency. And we have Lord Mayor Clover Moore to thank for issuing this.

Sydney is hoping the Fed Gov will reintroduce a price on carbon emissions to meet the limitations found in the Paris Agreement. Sydney also asks the federal government to create a “Just Transition Authority” so people working in fossil fuel can shift to jobs in renewable energy.

Reportedly, Aussie carbon emissions have been steadily rising for the past four years. Which is absolutely fucked considering we’ve known about climate change for a bloody long time. Yet, in Australia we’re still opening up new coal mines. 

So this is certainly good on Sydney for trying to implement positive change. However, Sydney definitely isn’t new to aiming to limit carbon emissions. In 2007, the city created a long term plan for combatting emissions, aptly named Sustainable Sydney 2030. This act revealed that 97% of people living in Sydney wanted to see more climate combatting politics. And here we are, over a decade later.

It’s obvious that Aussies want to do more to combat climate change. So hopefully, this will prompt a turning point in the Fed Gov’s climate politics. Because like seriously, we’re running out of time change our lifestyles before it’s too late. Some places are certainly already seeing the vast effects of climate change.

Reportedly, 600 other cities and states around the globe have been initiating climate emergencies given activists demands. However, Sydney is the latest massive city to join in on this global movement. And it’s pretty fucking awesome to see.

Image Source: @clovermoore, Giphy. 

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