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Opera Bar Hired 5 Dogs to Protect Your Hot Chips From Hungry Gulls

Let me paint a picture with words for you. It’s a gorgeous summer day in Sydney. You’re out in the sun, sitting at one of the tables at Opera Bar. You’re with your friends. The drinks are a-flowin’, and you’re weighing up whether you need a third Aperol spritz. There’s the Harbour Bridge in all its proud magnificence, the signature gleaming sails of the Opera House above you. There’s a steaming bowl of hot chips in the middle of the table, which you and your friends are happily sharing. What could go wrong?

We all know the jarring ruckus that a swooping lot of gulls presents. No one’s enjoying themselves when they’re swatting away at the flying menaces. You want them to go away, but you also don’t want to pester them enough that they threaten to gouge out your eyes.

Well, Opera Bar has come up with the ultimate solution: dogs.

That’s right. They’ve hired 5 dogs for the sole purpose of your hot chip protection. If that isn’t God’s work, I don’t know what is. Keep an eye out for Opera Bar’s ‘Seagull Patrol’, everyone. Look and appreciate, but don’t pat! They’re on duty.

Image Source: Channel 9

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