Sydney Rooftop Bars To See The City From Every Angle This Summer

Summer is upon us and you want to be as close to the action as humanly possible. Grab your sunnies, dust of your wide-brim, and prepare yourself for hours of a tropical house tunes, cause rooftop party season is on and no one does it like Sydney can.

Melbourne, you may have better bars (well, it’s debatable), but Sydney has better weather. So we’ve linked up with hospitality legends BENCHMARQUE to bring you the most Insta-worthy rooftop bars to sip at this summer.

Double Bay Intercontinental


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This new-kid on the block has been making the rounds on Concrete Playground and Urban List. It’s a vibrant destination with panoramic views, but the vibe is very much a hotel bar.

Pros: Beautiful views of the east, complete with a pool

Cons: Non-guests cannot swim in the pool.


Sweeny’s rooftop is a small space with a big feel. The décor is as unassuming as its drink offering, but it nails on delivering what the venue is all about – an old timely pub with a traditional feel.

Pros: Cheap and cheerful drinks and a  super casual atmosphere.

Cons: It can get pretty crowded if you arrive too late for the party.


If you’re after good ribs, over priced cocktail and an open-air space parading as a sub-tropical getaway, Sweetheart’s will do the trick. Just keep in mind the space is relatively small and often garners a back-packer vibe.

Pros: It’s pretty okay.

Cons: It’s pretty okay.

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Hotel Palisade


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The glittering jewel of the revamped hotel palisades is a pastel dream of elegance with the one of the best views of the city. You can forgive it for being found in Barangaroo once you’re sipping champagne in the chicest room you’ve ever been in.

Pros: Inclement weather appropriate

Cons: Book for more than 6 people, and you’ll need to pay top $$$ to secure a space.


Leave the corporate stranglehold of the CBD behind by climbing onward and upward into the lush greenery of Taylor’s. The design is contemporary and lively, yet still has a backyard feel.

Pros: Great vibe, great drinks, pretty much unfaultable.

Cons: Before you even try, you can’t make bookings on Fridays nights.

The Old Clare Rooftop

A stunning, elongated pool on a chic roof with minimal design. As per their website “Unlike many rooftop bars, here you don’t have to wear all white or throw a drink in someone’s face”.

Pros: Quiet, peaceful, great for an afternoon cocktail.

Cons: Closed in the winter, make sure you check the website. Not all that suitable for big groups.

Zephyr Bar


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Sitting at the top of the Hyatt Regency in the CBD,  Zephyr is a fab post-work destination for Friday bevvies with the team. Whether it’s a cheeky dabble of their cocktail menu, or just staple classics, it provides a more business-crowd with still plenty of social buzz.

Pros: Amazing sunset views, great relaxing spot after a killer week, stunning view and decor.

Cons: Maybe a bit too corporate at times.

Light Brigade Hotel

This rooftop to this art deco pub sits 83 metres above sea level and has a stunning urban outlook. The perfect mix of elegant and casual.

Pros: Go for a sports game and try the pizza.

Cons: The ground floor is pretty ordinary. Have faith.

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The Rook

The Rook barley scrapes its way into “rooftop” category, but it has to get a nod because of the food. For casual yet quality mile-high dining, look no further.

Pros: Solid food and drink offering.

Cons: Best left for dinner dates.

Bristol Arms


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The humble rooftop of the former retro hotel is one of the city’s (fairly) best-kept secrets. The rooftop itself has both inside and outside sections, high tables and simple furnishings. Great for after work drinks.

Pros: Inclement weather appropriate

Cons: Try to avoid going home with your bar tab card where your credit card should be.

Coogee Pavilion


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A playful space with a serious reputation as one of the best summer spots in Sydney. The décor is on point and the bars are plentiful, but the crowd can be a bit much.

Pros: It’s everything you wanted out of your day.

Cons: The crowd is a mixed bag which leads to an inconsistent vibe.

Ivy Pool

We’ve all been that girl, dancing a little too exuberantly to the Bag Raiders, without a care in the world, stepping one over excited foot into the pool of ivy’s rooftop. Just me? Well as much as I would hate to admit it this place hasn’t quite seen the back of me yet. Just choose your nights wisely as the crowd shifts dramatically depending on the day.

Pros: Guys it’s really, really pretty.

Cons: Guys it’s really, really expensive.

Glenmore Rooftop

You can’t claim true Sydney sider status until you’ve had an afternoon session here. Pull up a front row seat to Circular Quay’s skyline and feel smug about where you live.

Pros: Chilled out vibe and reasonably priced drinks.

Cons: Lacks the fancy-pants status of many other roof tops.

Wish you could look at these views all day, but still need a bit of cash during summer? Well our mates at BENCHMARQUE are here to solve both ‘ya problems. They are ready to hook you up with a tonne of jobs both at and for bars, so simply fill out the form below with your contact deets or click here and they’ll be in touch. So you can make your mojito, and drink it too.

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Image Source: Hotel Palisade Facebook

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