Sydney Trains Are A Joke, So Here Are Some Absolute Zingers From Commuters

“I live here now.”

If you are a Sydneysider, you are no stranger to train delays. If anything, they have become an expectation of your daily commute.

But this morning’s network collapse might have pushed us over the edge.

At 5:20am a train broke down at Town Hall station in the CBD (aka probably the second busiest, if not the busiest, station in the network) that’s caused some hectic delays. We’re talking, up to 2 hours. We’re talking, people still haven’t started their days.

Why? Because there was a “loose hatch on top of a train [that] is close to overhead wiring” so electrical crews have to isolate power from the track to fix it.

Initially, the glitch led to the closure of the North Shore line between Town Hall and North Sydney and commuters were encouraged to walk across the Harbour Bridge instead. Thank you, next. Have you been outside this morning?

From there, basically, every other line was cooked because of what a bloody inconvenience a bloody breakdown of the bloody network at this bloody station would bloody be.

I mean, look at this madness.

But it’s amazing how a disaster can bring people together. And in true cynical Sydney spirit, this one has brought some of the city’s human spirit out to play. Twitter blew up, some straight up ripping into our dope Premier, and others the network. Some ripped into crying babies, while some of them were just being absolute funny buggers, and some seemed to be experiencing an existential crisis mid-commute. But most of them were just too damn relatable.

And the pièce de résistance of this masterpiece symphony of discontent:

Love your work, Sydney. Don’t let shit transport networks get you down!

Image Source: Twitter, GIPHY

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