T Swift Explained Her Cryptic Pre-Release Of ‘Me!’ And It’s Literal Nonsense

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, Swifty dished the deets on why she resorts to such cryptic messages leading up to pretty much any release of any song she’s ever produced. Following weeks of pre-release promos for her long awaited (and questionably tragic) song Me!, it seemed pretty timely that someone ask her why she feels the need to feed her fans with weeks worth of bait.

Any shred of detail is shrouded in so much secrecy that you’re provided with one eighth of half a story. TBH I’m over it – especially when she claims it’s something that we’re asking for.

Apparently, all the pre-release hype is because music is ‘ephemeral’ and people want artists to put the ‘experience’ back into music. I extremely disagree with this and call BS because really, let’s be honest here Tay Tay, you’re literally pulling every move in the Public Relations for Dummies book in order to milk anything and everything you can out of a 4 minute track.

I kid you not, T Swift posted a total of thirty-two pastel hewed photos to her Insta ahead of Me! Thirty-two times fans were left scrambling for what the pastels could possibly mean and I can confirm that this is 100% fact, not one eighth of a story.

Swift began the pre-release hype all the way back in Feb and since then, has treated us to a number of pointless, pastel-hewed pics. Some had a little substance, like those from her photoshoot with Elle, and others were just downright irrelevant. Case in point: palm tree pic.


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Case in point #2: cat.


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She just read all the theories 🙀

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Obviously, this is all part of an artist’s role in an industry that is increasingly volatile; you’re required to promote yourself, your work and your name in a shameless attempt to remain relevant. But can we tone the pre-release hype down two notches, please? Tay, you’re not fooling anyone with your ‘music is ephemeral’ BS. You’re right, artists become redundant and old news as quickly as they emerge but please, don’t claim that we ‘want’ two months worth of pointless and cryptic promo. It’s boring, we don’t get it and we’re not investigators.

So whilst I recline in my chair, scoffing at all the hype over Me! and failing to understand what all the fuss is about, Taylor is trending over three different hashtags on Twitter. The official music video has been viewed over 113 million freakin’ times and I’m afraid I’ve been left to accept the fact that she’s doing something right. Ugh, she’s dreadful but she’s doing the whole ‘keeping relevant’ thing really goddamn well.

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