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Why Tassie Should Be Your Next Aussie Getaway

As someone who recently ventured to Tasmania for their latest Aussie getaway, I can definitely verify the merit in visiting this underrated state.

If you’re considering having a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life, here are just some of the awe-inspiring natural beauties to look forward to if you choose to travel around Tassie!

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

This lavender farm in northern Tasmania is not only amazing to look at, but also happens to be the largest commercial plantation of English lavender in the world. Entry is free, except during flowering season. December to February entry costs $10 for visitors over sixteen, just fyi. There’s also a gift shop and places to eat on site after you’re done frolicking in the fields.

This estate smells as beautiful as it looks, making it one of the most unique places to visit in Tasmania, and definitely, one of the most insta-worthy locations too.

Bay Of Fires

Extending across Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point lies one of Tassie’s ultimate getaway spots; Bay of Fires.

The bay is located on Tasmania’s northeastern coast and is characterised by its red and orange rocks which are the reason behind the stunning location’s name.

What makes Bay of Fires one of Tassie’s most exciting places to visit are its many hidden pockets across the coastline where you can find anything from small lagoons to different beach fronts.

As one of the previous winner’s of Lonely Planet’s hottest travel destinations, Bay of Fires definitely won’t be one to disappoint.

Wineglass Bay

Due to its remote location, there are only two ways to access the natural beauty of Wineglass Bay at Freycinet National Park.

You can choose to catch a relaxing ferry across the bay. Or, put yourself through the peril of a massive hike through the bushland of the national park. Though the hike is extremely rewarding and offers many beautiful vantage points, make sure that you are fit enough for the trek, because it’s not an easy one.

No matter what way you choose to get there you’ll find that once you reach the white sand and emerald waters that make Wineglass Bay worth of visiting, that the long journey to see its beauty will have been worth it.

You will find this national park and bay on the East coast of Tasmania. We recommend taking a day to do this trip because its one that you need an entire day to appreciate.

Mathinna Falls

In Tasmania, you’ll have your pick of beautiful natural sights to see; including waterfalls. However, many of them are crowded with tourists and visitors due to their wide acclaim online.

Mathinna Falls stands out from the bunch as one of the most remote waterfalls you can encounter in Tassie. The drive to Mathinna will take you out past Launceston for a good two and a half hours. This is then followed by a small dirt road drive with no service and absolutely nobody around.

Once you finally make it to the forest reserve where the waterfall is located, you only have to walk about fifteen minutes to be confronted with the beauty of Mathinna Falls.

The area can be so isolated that you can actually swim in the falls which will definitely make for a fun and unique way to spend your time in Tassie, fair warning though; the water is freezing.

There you have it. The must-see places to check out in Tasmania, that will make your trip one that is filled with fun and no doubt memories that you will never forget.

Image source:, Tourism Tasmania and Charismatic Planet (Matthew Stewart)

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