Taylor Swift Included A Bunch Of Her Childhood Home Videos In ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ Music Video

The whole video is just sooo wholesome.

Taylor Swift recently dropped a new Christmas anthem, titled ‘Christmas Tree Farm,’ which honestly, is a real festive bop.

While no one will live up to the King Of Christmas, Michael Bublé, Taylor has given it a red-hot-go. With lyrics about sparkling lights, mittens and coats, cider and holly, the whole song is just dripping in festivity. I love it.

Now, the absolute best part is, Taylor Swift grew up on Pine Ridge Farm in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her music video gives us a glimpse into her childhood on the Reading Christmas Tree Farm property, through old home videos shot by her Mum and Dad. It doesn’t get much more wholesome than that!

According to a statement, T-Swizzle wrote the song last Sunday and immediately took it to the studio and released it five days later. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m Taylor’s biggest fan, but she sure is prolific, I’ll give her that.

The video features the cutest clips of her, her mother and father and her brother, Andrew. The whole song has the most nostalgic vibe, that makes you remember how beautiful it is to be with your fam at Christmas.

Among Christmas tree footage, you see them playing in the snow, sledding and a baby Taylor unwrapping an acoustic guitar. Bless!

WATCH BELOW: Taylor Swift Christmas Tree Farm

It’s been a big year for Taylor Swift, as she recently made history as the most AMA awarded artist of all time, overtaking Michael Jackson. She also released her seventh album, Lover, which won several Grammies. She also stars alongside Rebel Wilson and James Cordon in the film adaptation of the musical Cats, which premiers this month.

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