Tekashi 6ix9ine Reckons Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Bought Their #1 Billboard Spot, In Chaotic Energy Rant


Man, ever since old mate Tekashi 6ix9ine was let out of prison the lad has been throwing some serious I’m gonna talk my finest shit vibes. And today his latest targets are Billboard #1 spot holders Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

As some of you may know AG and JB recently released this cute song Stuck With U. A lovely little song, put out there during iso when we’re all craving entertainment – so it ain’t a shock to anyone that it made it to number one on the charts. Or so we thought.

God knows there hasn’t been a better time for conspiracy theories than right now, and 6ix9ine has doused the fire here with pure fucking gasoline.

In a video, 6ix9ine – looking like the birth-child of Backstreet Boys circa 2001 and those aliens Will Smith destroyed in Independence Day – claims that the duo bought 30,000 units (or essentially purchases of the song) at the last minute “with six credit cards”.

“I wan’t the world to know, that Billboard is a lie.”

He went on, in a truly chaotic rant, talking about an investigation he somehow has access too, bringing up some random numbers and data on his phone (which actually might be legit..), and that “Billboard want no one to know about this”.

“Six credits cards. Now, again, you’re gonna enjoy your No. 1. Explain how you buy 30,000 with six credit cards?” He said.

Weirdly, I find this wild, energetic behaviour semi-entertaining. But honestly it could also just be the pure fumes and delirium I’m running on after two months in isolation.

Of course, and as you can imagine, since then both Bieber and Grande have released statements rubbishing the whole thing. Although in Bieber’s statement, he does confirm the numbers 6ix9ine was talking about – rather saying the way they release numbers to Billboard is “strategy”. Hmmmm.

AND if that wasn’t enough bombastic energy for you, the rapper even responded after the duo released their statements – saying he wasn’t trying to hate on Ariana, but that he simply “he came from nothing”.

He cuts between video of him in his childhood home, and Ariana playing Cat in Nickelodeon classic Victorious to really drive home the “I was poor, you were rich” message.

The ironic thing is, this is a charity-based song. Ariana also confirmed that all the proceeds from the song will be pass on to 1st Responders Children’s Foundation, which is an NGO to help the kids of emergency workers.

And given 6ix9ine’s more than problematic behaviour, it’s hard to care too much about his allegations or his started from the bottom sob-story.

Image Source: XXL Magazine (@XXL) Twitter

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