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Tell All Signs That You’re Falling Hard For Your Best Mate

Friendship is a wondrous thing. But it’s all fun and games until one of you catches a train to feels-ville. We’ve probably all had a friendship that was verging on romantic, but may have denied it was happening for fear of looking naff. Or, you might not have figured it out yourself yet.

So, to give you a little nudge in the right direction, here are some of the tell-all signs that you’re falling for your best mate.

You Get Antsy When They Talk About Someone Else

This can often be a little subtle to begin with. You have to figure out if you’re just protective of them, or if you’re actually jealous. If you find yourself forcing a smile for your mate when they express excitement over the fact that they met someone, well that’s probably not ideal for the friendship. Or said friend tells you about something funny their new love interest said, maybe they mention the fact that they might want to make it a bit official with this person, and all you want to do is grit your teeth and pout. Yeah, it’s not looking great at this stage m8s.

You Start Thinking About Hypothetical Future Scenarios

Highway to the Danger Zone, as Kenny Loggins would say. This is a habit we all tent to embrace with a little too much vigour at times. This isn’t just having a casual think about the holiday you’re both going to take with your friend group, that’s a pretty normal situation.

It’s more when you start thinking about date nights with them, overseas adventures, and of course after dark moments… You’ll usually know you’re falling for your mate when you think about what your wedding or kids would look like, yep that’s the final straw.

You Get A Bit Territorial

So, you probably love them or have some type of feelings, but have you taken action and told them? Probably not. So unfortunately, it’s fair game when someone cracks onto them on a night out. Or any time for that matter.

You might find yourself getting territorial over your friend, which from an outsider, is hilarious to watch (really sorry, but it is). You might interrupt the conversation by introducing yourself (loudly even), accompanied by a hearty handshake. Or god-forbid you’re in that deep that you go out of your way to try and block this new flirt. Don’t be that person.

People Are Starting To Ask If You’re Together

If you think you’re not being obvious about the whole falling for your best mate thing, you’re wrong. It’s more than likely that you’ve not stopped looking at them with those glassy cow eyes of yours. People are going to start to wonder what the go is between you both. You’ll both be out at a social gathering and you can bet that a mutual acquaintance of some sort will ask how long you guys have been together. I would know because I’ve done this to someone… and now they’re actually together. So go for gold.

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