Telstra Just Launched A New Points Store And It’s Actually Pretty Sweet

Data’s pretty expensive these days and finally we’re being rewarded for coughing up our hard-earned cash on it. The latest launch of Telstra Plus hooks customers up with discounts and free shit for pretty much zero effort and TBH, the types of gadgets their slingin’ aren’t just your average brands.

Telstra Plus customers will earn one point for every dollar they spend on their phone bills and in return, score hook-ups that’ll earn them Samsung Galaxies, Google Home Minis, and exclusive discounts to concerts and football/NRL games. If you’re paying for data anyway, why not reap all the good stuff whilst you’re at it?

Telstra Plus includes three levels of rewards – Bronze, Silver and (you guessed it) Gold – each hooking customers up with whiz bang tech, discounted movie tickets (including Moonlight Cinemas for those boujee film fiends), and data-free Apple music streaming. It’s a sweet AF deal that’ll have you living your best life for basically zero extra cost. Adding to this ridiculous deal is the fact that Telstra will sling up to 10k extra points to those who join before June 30.

Phone bills can rack up to be pretty expensive these days – especially when we’re tempted by ridiculously good splendour lineups – so it’s actually pretty nice to see a telco give us a few little wins for basically no effort. It’s worth keeping an eye out to see if Optus and co follow suit…stay tuned.

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Written by Kiah Frankel

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