Thanks To Kmart, You Can Give Your Mates Socks With Your Face On Them This Christmas

For a small price of $13.

If you’re the type of gift giver who claims, ‘my presence is the present,’ then these $13 Kmart socks will probably be for you.

This Christmas, Kmart has a customisation section on their website where you can choose from a selection of socks, t-shirts and Santa stockings to customise with whatever your heart desires. Obviously, my initial reaction was to put my face on socks to give to my boyfriend. (Just so he never forgets how much he loves me, you know?) But you could also use your dog, cat or goldfish’s face too. Or your work’s logo, if you’re a nerd like me.

There are four different sock designs to choose from and you can peep a little preview of what your sock will look like for all of them. Or if you’re more of a t-shirt kinda person, there are 7 tee designs to choose from, to customise with text or photos. Each t-shirt will only cost you $19. Bargain!

I will also be personalising a $15 Christmas stocking for my dog, because honestly, that’s just essential.

Or if your dog is more of a Christmas sack kinda animal, they have that option covered too. For only $19!

I honestly can’t wait to see the look on every member of my family’s face when they wake up on Christmas morning with matching socks with my face on them. You can also bet your bottom dollar that I’ll make everyone wear their socks all day. If you’re planning on having a #SelfAbsorbedGirlChristmas this year too, you should probably jump on the Kmart bandwagon while you still can. I can imagine these babies will sell out pretty quickly.

It’s not too early to start writing your Christmas list and sending it to Santa. Santa NEEDS to know if your dog prefers a sack or a stocking!

Image Sources: Kmart

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