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The 15 Best Childhood TV Themes You Def Know All The Words To

The late 90’s and early 2000’s were the prime of television content. We spent hours upon hours staring at an old-school TV watching iconic cartoons and shows. After years of quality television, it’s pretty hard not to remember the lyrics and tunes to all the theme songs. Here’s a list of 15 theme songs you definitely haven’t forgotten the words or tune to.

#1 Rugrats

#2 Bananas In Pyjamas

#3 Amanda Show

#4 Pokemon

#5 Recess

#6 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

#7 Ed, Edd n Eddy

#8 Round The Twist

#9 Cat Dog

#10 Hey Arnold!

#11 Dragon Ball Z

#12 Yu-Gi-Oh!

#13 Lizzie McGuire

#14 The Saddle Club

#15 Fairly OddParents

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

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