The 5 Most Non-Intimidating Sex Toys For Beginners

Trying out sex toys for the first time can be both intimidating and confusing. They can make you feel uncomfortable or as if you just don’t know where to start. Your first sex toys are about deciding what you like, or if you don’t know, trying out a couple things until you do know. Whether your flying solo, or have a partner to join along with the ride, here’s a list of the 5 best sex toys for beginners.

#1 Vibrators and Vibrating Rings

There’s a lot of diversity in the world of vibrating toys, which makes it a really great place to start. From handheld, to vibrating underwear, to men’s rings, there’s a whole lot of options. They also vary in size, intensity and price so whether you’re looking to spend under 20$ or over $150, you can find what you’re looking for.

#2 Trusty Handcuffs

These are always a really great starting point for any couple. If you’re going for fluffy pink cuffs, or metal cop ones, they’re a cheap and easy way to add a little more fun to your sex life. Alike vibrators, they come in a whole bunch of different styles and prices. If you’d prefer something a little more comfortable, opt for a pair of faux leather or satin. Otherwise you can dive into steel, chain or tougher leather.

#3 Hot Massage Oil/Massage Candles

If you’re fearful of diving into more serious sex toys, hot massage oil and massage candles are a perfect and super sexy place to begin. It’s important to go on sex toy/lingerie websites and buy oil and candles dedicated to hot massage, to protect yourself from burns and other safety concerns. These dedicated products heat to a certain point and most likely won’t be unsafe given you follow the instructions. You can always stick to cold massage oils if you’re worried, but the heat is a big plus in the sexiness meter.

#4 Feather Ticklers

There’s nothing scary about a bit of feathers…unless you’re ticklish. Using feather ticklers whilst turned on can intensify sensitivity on your body big time, and the best part is that they’re super cheap. You can even D.I.Y them for the cheapest option possible. Get some feathers and a stick, tape them together and there you go; your very own feather tickler.

#5 Blindfold

The sexier, more enjoyable version of turning off all the lights. Blindfolding your partner gives you control of every single thing you do to them. Alternatively, enjoy the surprise of being blindfolded and give away all control. Blindfolds are a super easy option that yet again can be made out of anything if you don’t want to invest money into a proper one. Use a tie, scarf, or piece of fabric. Otherwise, plenty places sell dedicated satin or cloth blindfolds.

Whatever it is you choose to begin your journey into the world of sex toys, always make sure your partner is totally okay and agrees with it. Sex toys are meant to be fun. Always make sure you’re communicating during usage too, to make sure everything is running smoothly. Most of all, have fun.

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