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The 5 Spookiest Netflix Series Just In Time For Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, it’s peak time to get into the spooky mood and immerse yourself in the scariest horror series out. Netflix has brought the finest series to our TV and laptop screens everywhere to get us into the Halloween spirit.

#1 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A new take on a total classic, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina brings forth a way witchier version of the comedy sitcom. Netflix isn’t only blessing us with one season, but TWO seasons back to back for ultimate binge watching. Sabrina, alongside her iconic black cat Salem, will fight evil forces and figure out life as a half-witch, half-mortal.

#2 The Haunting Of Hill House

Recently released Haunting Of Hill House has taken audiences by storm and spook. The show has provided us with crazy, psychological sides to horror and has even been 100% approved by the Horror King himself, Stephen King. Showing a new side to haunted houses, every second will have you gripping at your bedsheets and wanting so much more.

#3 Haunted

Haunted is a docuseries about ‘true stories’ of hauntings. If you’re a sucker for the paranormal and supernatural, these people’s stories will give you shivers down your spine. Season one has just been released with six episodes of pure fright. A new Netflix must-watch.

#4 Slasher

Slasher has been described as ‘the adult version of Scream meets Se7en.’ After her parents being murdered by a killer known as ‘The Executioner,’ Sarah Bennett returns to Waterbury where the killings happened. Sarah finds herself at the centre of a series of murders inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. She must dig up long-buried secrets to figure out who’s the suspect of these crimes. 8 episodes long for easy watching.

#5 American Horror Story

Although AHS is not a new show, it’s a perfect series to get you in the spirit of spooky season. With 6 complete seasons ranging from Murder House to Freakshow, you’ll be investing long-term into the iconic characters and stories that all somehow connect. And by the time you finish, season 7 ‘Apocolypse’ might even be on Netflix. Forever a spooky classic.

So grab your blankies and cuddle buddies, you’ll probably be shaking by the end of this binge sesh.

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