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The 90s Are Back With The Wonderfully Lame New Bad Boys For Life Trailer

The Bad Boys Are Back.

Everyone loves 90s nostalgia, because it was a time where we were so shameless about everything we liked that you could seriously watch Bad Boys For Life without having to come up with a bullshit fake-deep analysis to justify your love for it. The truth is, the film is trashy AF and we absolutely goddamn love that. Abolish the guilty-pleasures and bring back shameless wonderful trash!

Speaking of bringing back wonderful trash, the first trailer just dropped for the new Bad Boys For Life movie and it is everything we ever wanted. Ridiculously loud and earth shattering explosions? Check. Hilariously lame one-liners? Check. Fancy cars that def should not be driven like that? Check. European villains? Check. Aaaaand a cheesy good-cop bad-cop duo? CHECK.

Yes, Bad Boys For Life is back at it again decades after the original, and yes we are 100% keen for the most cringe but fun action movie of the year.

The surprising thing is, it’s actually not a sequel – it’s the THIRD Bad Boys film. Uh, what? Turns out there was a sequel in 2003 that totally flopped, which makes sense because I didn’t even know about it.

My bet is that 2003 was way to soon – I mean, the early 2000s were all about leaving the 90s behind and trying to seem sophisticated and cool and worldly. Which, of course, totally failed because the early 2000s was the worst aesthetic period EVER.

HOWEVER, now we have gone back to being self-aware trash that love everything awful and hilarious (so we can forget about our impending doom), and thus, Bad Boys 3 was born.

The movie obvs isn’t out yet so we can’t say much, but it just looks so familiar. It’s the classic “lets blow shit up and shoot everyone while saying funny shit, and we’ll somehow come out on top” BS that you watch on a Sunday night in to wind down and just have some fun with your mates.

Catch us at the movies on 17 January 2020 to feel some good ol’ 90s Will Smith nostalgia.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Twitter @dwanderson6, Columbia Pictures. 

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