The Avatar Sequel Finally Finished Filming So I Guess It’s Actually Gonna Happen?

They shared a sneak peak of the set on Twitter.

It’s been literally ten years since Avatar (not the last airbender) came out, so it’s no surprise if you, like me, completely forgot that it existed.

Avatar intrigues me because it was such a smash hit when it came out, making $2 billion at the box office, and yet we kind of just forgot about it.

We’ve been hearing about this apparent sequel for yonks – it’s meant to have lots of oceanic/sea-based scenes, which was an exciting concept because of all the world-building and funky wildlife of the Avatar universe. Like, remember those weird dragon things that link up to you telepathically via your pony tail?

Or what about the alien hell-hound?

I am an absolute sucker for sea monsters, so seeing that the new movie would explore the ocean world had me super excited – until it never came, and eventually I forgot about it.

If you were in the same boat, then boy do I have good news for you – the Avatar sequel has finally finished filming! And the crew even put a sneak little peak of the set on Twitter.

The crew have been bust these past ten years (though not busy enough, clearly) as they’ve filmed both movies 2 and 3 of the Avatar franchise. The second is set quite a while after the first, as Jake and his hottie Blue wifey now have a kid, who’s 8 years old.

Here’s my question though – how on earth is Jake fertilising a woman and having a baby in his blue meat suit? I know the Avatar body was meant to be fully functional – but even in creating life of its own?! How?!

How did they create a body that creates sperm for a different species? How do the genetics work? How did they create DNA, individual genes and phenotypes of a person who never existed? How is Jake’s daughter inheriting genes that never existed, and what does that mean for her genetics in general? So. Many. Questions.

The release date for this oceanic, marital-issue based Avatar sequel is 17 December, 2021. We still have a while to  go guys, but let’s hope when the sequel finally (hopefully) comes out, it’ll be worth the 11 year wait.

Image Source: 20th Century Fox

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