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The Avengers: Endgame Is Now Reminding The Internet Of Other Fallen Legends

The Avengers: Endgame won’t premiere for another month or so but it’s already inciting a few shaky dabs to the eye with a Kleenex – we’re not overreacting and we’re definitely not emotionally unstable, just to clear THAT up. The flick’s tagline, ‘Avenge The Fallen’, gave us a sneaky insight into what characters survived the Avengers: Infinity War and those that were, well, left fallen.

Now, we’re grappling with a bunch of Avengers-inspired tributes to other characters – not at all related to The Avengers but certainly of the same legendary film status. We’re crying over it and again, we’re not emotionally unstable.

Some tributes were of the more technological type. Different type of grief; same intensity of mourning.


This one takes the cake.

Thank you, Internet, for bringing up a whole Pandora’s box of grief I thought I’d long recovered from.

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