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The Bachelor Drinking Games That’ll Get You Just As Wild As The Girls On The Show

AKA how to get tanked in 15 mins.

Your not-so-favourite, reality-romance, gossip-fuelled craving is back friends. Ah yes, The Bachelor returns on Network 10 tonight in what is sure to be the start of a water-cooler-dominating few weeks ahead. This year old mate Matt Agnew will try and bang as many girls possible court his true love, among nearly 30 willing ladies.

And while we’re sure most of you need no real second reason to watch it (don’t pretend like you wont take a peak at some point this season), we’ve got the soda to your vodka – no carbs always obvs.

That’s right fellow cringe-tv-watchers, we’ve rustled up some very sneaky drinking games that will make the perfect pairing for your school night in front of a free to air channel. (Since this is maybe the third of fourth time of the year you will actually be watching FTA.)

Round up the regulars and grab a bottle or nine, because these little party starters will have you screaming for Osher to take his kit off within twelve minutes of starting an episode.

1 x Shot – Every Time One Of The Girls Says ‘Babe’

Let’s get off to a good start, shall we? Maybe just stick to a simple spirit here, leave the Absinthe alone (for now..).

1 x Drink – Every Time Matt Hooks Up

If the promo is anything to go by, it’s pretty likely you’ll be under the coffee table in the foetal position by the end of each episode.

Finish Your Drink – Every Time One Of The Girls Shares Way Too Much Informatiom

Oh hunny, we don’t need to know about your “bender in Brizzy”.

1 x Alize Shot – Every Time One Of The Girls Starts Crying

One of the girls is feeling blue, and so are you.

1 x Drink – Every Bad Space Reference

“He’s already a star in my eyes ha ha ha ha”.

1 x Drink – Every Time Osher Gets Dramatic

“Girls, Matt has made his decision.”

 1 x Jägermeister Shot – Every Time A Girl Confuses Astrophysics With Another Job/Career

You may as well end up in the stars if the girls have no idea where they are.

Finish A Mate’s Drink – If Any Of The Girls Fall Over At Any Time

Those heels are looking preeeettty high.

Shotgun A Beer Or Skull Your Wine – Every Time One Of The Girls Says There Is A ‘Spark’


 1 x Tequila Shot – Every Time Someone Says ‘Bitch’

The punishment fits the crime.

Nominate Someone To Finish Their Drink – Every Time Matt Gets His Kit Off

Oh ffs m8, it’s only been 18 seconds into the episode.

1 x Sip Of Water – If This Thing Ever Actually Finishes

One can only hope, and by now you’ll have deserved this.

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