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The Bachelorette Finale Kept The Positive Male Vibes Going Big Time And How Good

Put ya sunflowers out for Timm coz he’s a shining example of an excellent bloke.

Last night, Australia watched Angie walk away with Carlin as her newly minted BF, leaving Timm perched on an old log with a broken heart. Our favourite larrikin was not triumphant in his fight for Angie’s heart, but he handled it like an absolute legend. This season of the Bachelorette really did bless us like no other – toxic masculinity really had no place in the mansion.

The slimy (hopefully former) Noosa councillor Jess and completely inappropriate behaviour he decided was an acceptable way to conduct himself on national television, nay any social interaction ever, made for a pretty crappy start to the season. But the other guys weren’t having a bar of this bloke and his misogyny. Plus Angie was a fkn queen the way she shut him down.

TBH after all the positive vibes from the boys we’ve seen over the season, Jess almost fades into the background. Which is very new and exciting for reality TV in Aus.

Timm Handled The Finale Like A Legend

But the absolute pinnacle of gentlemanly behaviour had to be the way Timm handled the whole break-up sitch.

Having your heart torn to pieces is not an easy thing to handle. More so when you’re literally being broadcast to all of Australia as it happens (or several months later but you know what I mean). But Timm is an absolute gem, and alongside Ryan and a number of the other boys from across the season, he handled it with grace, humility and zero animosity towards Angie.

Though we all have heavy hearts for Timm, the example he and many of the other guys set is just so awesome to see. Hopefully we see this trend continue in the next session of Aussie reality TV.

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