The Best Advent Calendars That Aren’t Just Sh*tty Chocolate

With only 7 weeks to go until Christmas (?!), it’s time to get in the festive spirit and indulge in an advent calendar that’s a bit more substantial than the awful chocolate ones your Mum used to buy you as a kid. After all, you deserve it for having almost made it through the entire year. Celebrate the wins!

#1 Beer Advent Calendar, Boozebud $99.99

Craft beer lovers, look no further. This advent calendar brings you an icy cold bottle to try every day, right up to Christmas. This one’s perfect for summer with pale ale’s, lagers and session ales. Just don’t drink them all at once, Santa’s watching.
Some of the beers from Mornington, Bridge Road and Rocks were brewed especially for the advent calendar, so get in there quick to try out some new infusions. And if you’re not a fan of the hops, Boozebud are also doing wine, gin, cider and whisky calendars too, so there’s something that’ll tickle your tastebuds.

#2 Christmas Beard Oil Calendar, The Bearded Man Company $76.99

The beard oil in this pack will last you well past the 25th, if you have the extended stubble to use it on. You get 24 different scented oils in the pack, made questionable-chemical free and with the best natural essential oils for your hair. Grab it as a gift for your Santa lookalike, or buy for yourself as an end of year treat.

#3 The Big Book of Secret Teas and Brews to Please, T2 $40

T2’s very first advent calendar has been released for 2018 and boy, should all you tea drinkers be excited. There’s a different one to brew every day up until Christmas, as well as a collection of tea facts, riddles and secret deals on the inside of every door. Special Christmas infusions, along with several Chai’s and your favourite Earl Grey’s will keep you going through the final month of the year. Plus, there are 20 golden tickets to look out for in the calendars, which will earn you a years worth of tea!

#4 Kikki K Lovers Advent Calendar $149.95

There’s no better time to get an array of new stationary for the ‘new year, new you’ ahead. The calendar contains a mix of stationary, decorations and lifestyle bits to get your paperwork (and life?) in order. Come on, who doesn’t love a bit of new stationary in preparation for the year ahead?

#5 Aussie Gin Advent Calendar, Gintonica $279.95

Gin lovers, rejoice, ’cause Gintonica have got your backs come December. An Aussie craft gin for every day up until Christmas, in no less than a 50ml bottle. Enough to share, or if you’re like me, have two! The pack include serving suggestions and tasting notes from the distilleries, so grab some of your favourite tonic and get tasting.

#6 Johnny Loves Rosie, ASOS $70

This jewellery company based in London has brought beautiful jewellery to build into your collection in the run up to Christmas. Each day comprises of a new piece which includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and charms all in a minimalistic style. It’s on sale on ASOS right now, so snap it up quick.

#7 Palm Beach Candles Collection Advent Calendar $79.95

One of my favourite choices for an advent calendar, right here. There’s nothing better than a candle wafting the scent of cinnamon in your room come Christmas. There are 12 assorted candles in the pack for the 12 Days of Christmas, each is as good as the last. 10 core fragrances as well as 2 new Christmas ones will make your space smell heavenly.

#8 12 Wines Of Christmas, The Wine Gallery $285

12 bottles of wine for 12 Days of Christmas. Choose from a mixed case, reds only, or a chilled mix. The wines included are among some of the highest rated bottles of the year, so it’s definitely worth the price. There are also recipes, wine pairings, tasting notes, and some unknown surprises to find inside your box. Indulge yourself or give it as a gift with a handwritten card included. The perfect gift for a Wino.

Images Sources: Boozebud, T2, Nova 969, Palm Beach, The Urban List

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