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The Best Clubs Around The World For The Ultimate Partier

When it comes to partying whilst travelling, it’s usually not a good idea to just wing it. Unless you have the assistance from some knowledgeable locals, heading on a night out can be the ultimate flop unless you have put some effort into a little research. Speaking from personal experience, a lack of insight can lead you to a dodgy downtown LA club with over priced drinks and underwhelming tunes. So in order to prevent you from experiencing the same dud night out, here’s a guide to the best clubs around the world, from the beaches of Brazil to the river banks of Berlin.

#1 De School, Amsterdam

If you didn’t already recognise from the name, this nightlife hotspot was once a technical school in West Amsterdam. With a 24-hour licence, De School not only hosts an elegant line-up of resident DJs, but some of the biggest events in Europe, like Amsterdam Dance Event. If you plan to visit the club, be sure to book tickets in advance and be prepared for a line up at the door. Once you’re in, embrace the dark spaces and dance the night away.

# 2 Contact, Tokyo

Despite being one of the newer clubs in the Japanese capital, Contact is paving it’s way to be one of the most legendary clubs in Asia, where DJs can grow alongside the venue. The two-room basement nightspot is designed for those who are there to experience the music and music only. No room for amateur photography here, as the common selfie in banned in this particular venue, so be sure to absorb every moment for the old memory bank

#3 Club De Visionaere, Berlin

You were probably expecting to see Berghain in replacement of this Berlin club, but to be fair, that club venue is on every list on the Internet. Instead, head to Club De Visionaere for a more laid back party experience. The open-air club is located on the banks of the River Spree, with entry a fairly easy process. Best experienced in the warmer months, CDV is known for its Sunday afternoon parties, so be sure to attend one in you’re in the area.

#4 Nowadays, New York

This park like outdoor space in Queens is filled with gorgeous greenery and a lush, padded dance floor. They host Mister Sunday events that run late afternoon, featuring a full food and drink menu. The perfect way to fuel up before a night dancing under the stars.

#5 Warung Beach Club, Southern Brazil

Talk about the ultimate club location, Warung starts from the beach and heads onto the Atlantic Forest of Souther Brazil. With architectural influence from open air Indonesian temples, the house music that pumps in this venue will keep you dancing until sunrise. Head to the upper levels to experience breath taking views of the coast and a little reboot.

#6 Concrete, Paris

This year, Concrete was granted a 24 hour license, so if you’re planning on heading to the Parisian club, be prepared to party all night long. Located in a docked boat on the Seine, you’re sure to find some of the best techno and house parties in the world.

#7 Fabric, London

The legendary London club reopened earlier this year and relaunched it’s legendary techno parties. It was a fight to keep this venue open, so be sure to head to the three level club if you’re in town. Saturday nights are dedicated to forging way for new talents, so lose yourself in the freshest sounds of the northern hemisphere.

#8 Zouk Club, Singapore

It’s easily one of the most popular nightclubs in Singapore, especially loved by the locals. The club is award winning, so if it’s a prestigious venue you want to visit, this is the place. It hosts the best in international talent with the likes of Afrojack and Carl Cox taking the stage. The drinks menu is prime and the sound system, even better.

#9 Baum, Bogota

Located in the Columbian capital, Baum brings some of the best underground DJs to the heart of the city on a weekly basis. Even better, they also hold their very own annual festival. So if you’re lucky enough to be in Bogota during the festivities be sure to snag yourself a ticket.

#10 Boney, Melbourne

With live music and local and international DJs taking the stage six nights a week, Boney is easily one of the best clubs in Australia. Be sure to start out the night with a quality feed and delicious cocktails and be prepared to end it, stumbling out in the early morning hours.

Image Source: Deep House Amsterdam, Resident Advisor, A Conversation, The West Review, The City Paper Bogota.

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