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The Best Craft Breweries Australia Has To Offer

Beer. It’s an integral staple in any Australian’s diet. I mean when you think of the land down under you picture a chill Aussie surfer dude down at the beach with a bottle of Toohey’s in hand, right? Well, the stereotype is definitely alive and breathing because beer is a huge part of our day-to-day life, the refreshing beverage on tap at all pubs and is stocked in every fridge at any houseparty you attend. But Australian beer extends further than VB, Coopers and Carlton Dry, there are thousands of great craft breweries all across the country.

So in celebration of International Beer Day, we bring to you some of the bast craft beers our nation has to offer. Cheers mate!

Young Henrys – Sydney

Located in the heart of Newtown, Young Henrys has quite the reputation these days. It started out as a small brewery business and grew to be an inner west hotspot featuring some incredible beers, great food and live music. Be sure to try the Dunies Lager, brewed with none other than the Dune Rats, a perfect summer beer with a feisty first impression, but mellows into an easy going arvo drink.

Moon Dog Craft Breweries – Melbourne

One of Australia’s most exciting breweries, producing interesting beers in an interesting space where you can sit back and sip away. Located in Abbotsford (just outside of Melbourne city) you can go and enjoy just want Moon Dog has to offer and even take a tour of the brewery. Be sure to try their potent double IPA, which has experimented with ingredients like truffle and chilli.

Prancing Pony Brewery – Adelaide

Located about a 40 minute drive out of the South Australian capital you’ll find some of the biggest and boldest beers in the country. Head brewer of Prancing Pony hails with experience from Germany, upholding tradition and bringing new innovations to beer making process. Keeping it simple, they brew six types of beers, one of their standout being the Hopwork Orange, with intense tangerine flavours and a lingering flavour, perfect for the upcoming Spring months.

Willie The Boatman – Sydney

The boys who run Willie The Boatman had no experience when they decided to start a brewery. It was due to their belief in their beer and endless support from their local community that the brewery became an absolute living success. They produce good, clean beer, supplying to numerous pubs and bars in Sydney’s Inner West. Be sure to try their ‘old’ style dark ale, The Black Bunny, with smokey notes and a lovely coffee flavour to finish.

Burleigh Brewing Co. – Gold Coast

You can find this craft brewery right in the heart of the Gold Coast, with nine brews on offer from an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) to classic mid strength lager. Even better, their beers are award winning at the World Beer Championships, with their German Style Wheat Beer winning the 2012 Beer World Cup (yep, that’s a thing). All the brewing, fermenting, maturing, filtering and packaging are all done on site at the Burleigh Brewing Co., and you can try all these mouth-watering beers on tap super chic taphouse.

Little Creatures – Fremantle

What happens when a group of mates decide to venture into the beer scene? They create Little Creatures, one of the most popular craft breweries in the country. They wanted to brew an awesome, hop driven American Pale Ale and they achieved just that. Bringing over the best hops from United States they created a beer that wasn’t overly popular on the Aussie market, but one that many have come to love and drink. It all began in the west of the country, but you can now even find the Little Creatures Dining Hall in the heart of Melbourne.

Image Sources: Young Henrys, Moon Dog, Prancing Pony, Willie The Boatman, Burleigh Brewing Company, Little Creatures.

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