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The Best Nostalgic TV Classics On Stan To Launch You Back In Time

Move over Netflix, Stan is coming through with some serious bangers all round. If you’re a fan of some good old-fashioned nostalgia, Stan’s got the hook-ups that’ll take you back in time all the while keeping you entertained for hours of binge watching goodness.


If nostalgia was a television series, Friends would be it. Grab some snacks, a ‘Central Perk’ inspired coffee and sit down with your fave 90’s icons while time travelling back to the best-decade-ever. The best part? Stan has Every. Single. Season. Prepare yourself for hours’ worth of binging.


If you’re looking for something with that same classics-factor with a little less responsibility, dive deep into the BEST kids show ever: Rugrats. Twelve episodes will fill your 90’s baby heart and launch you back into the good old days where all you did was eat and sleep…nice.

The O.C. 

Aah, The O.C…pioneer of the Teen Romance genre and pioneer of ripping your heart out of your chest from unexpected character deaths. The O.C. will have you indulging in quality teenage drama and forgetting your alcohol limits. We love teenage recklessness.


Daria, our favourite “I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck” icon from the 90’s is right at the click of your trackpad. Sarcasm has never been so satisfying. Daria will have you mood-swingin’ like you’re 15 and hating on the popular kids like you’re back in Year 7.


No explanation needed.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

When horror movies were too scary and cartoons weren’t on your parents inappropriate-radar, Courage The Cowardly Dog did the job. A show with major creep factor and a bit of comedic relief, Courage The Cowardly Dog will remind you of the sick days you took off school to watch TV all day. Stan also has a Cartoon Network section with tons of kiddie faves just like this. Score.

So get on the Stan train and fulfil your binge watching desires with pure old school cartoon and sitcom goodness.

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