The Best Of #2009vs2019

2019 has already proved quite a memorable year for social media trends. First we were treated to the #birdboxchallenge which rather worryingly had people videoing themselves as they performed totally outrageous stunts whilst blindfolded. Then in a wonderful display of how petty social media can really be, 48 million Instagrammers rallied to award the title of the world’s most liked photo to an egg. Kylie’s record was unquestionably cracked…

In recent days we’ve seen the rise of #10YearChallenge, or #2009vs2019. Celebs are jumping on the bandwagon and comparing selfies from 2009 to 2019 and we’re absolutely stunned by some of the changes and well, lack of changes? We’ve also been served some absolute classic mockeries of it.

Here are some of the best.

Pharrell Williams


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2009 vs 2019 Pharrell wins this challenge.

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No you are not seeing double. This is literally Pharrell 10 years ago compared to now. Moral of this story is what type of face wash is he using because wow he hasn’t aged a damn day.

T Swizzle

Swifty’s attempt at the challenge has us pretty shook at how she’s managed to keep so glammed after all these years, without resorting to nips and tucks that so many other celebs end up doing. Swifty slayed in 2009 just as much as she does now.

Caitlyn Jenner


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Now THAT is a #10YearChallenge Be authentic to yourself

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The past 10 years for Caitlyn Jenner have been nothing but HUGE. Caitlyn is preaching all things body confidence by adding to the #2009vs2019 trend and it’s pretty obvious she takes the cake for the biggest 10 year transformation.

Jennifer Aniston…?

Jennifer Aniston seems to have aged a little more than we thought.

Dev Pattel (aka Saroo)

This is an astonishing transformation which simply confirms that 1) Saroo is the cutest child we’ve ever seen, and 2) Our hearts still melt for Dev Patel.


Image Source: Complex Twitter, BlessedSwiftly Twitter, Caitlyn Jenner Twitter, Memepedia, Sopan Deb Twitter

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