The Best Of ‘I’m Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes

An unofficial ranking.

It honestly seems fitting to end the decade with memes that make no sense at all. And ‘I’m Gonna Tell My Kids’ memes fit the brief perfectly. I showed my Dad a few of these memes and he didn’t understand at all. “But why, he doesn’t even look like Elon Musk, that makes no sense?”  Was his response.

But us kids just love to laugh at things that make no sense at all. Millennial humour is so weird. But anyway, here’s an unofficial ranking of the weirdest and best of the ‘I’m Gonna Tell My Kids’ memes.


Honestly this one DOES make sense – they’re both on the same level of music geniusness.


Kinda look similar, ngl.




I don’t entirely understand, but I feel like that’s the point. Also, this had to make the cut because DOGS ARE LIFE.


Kim looks cute with a pixie cut…


If you didn’t laugh out loud at this one I would be concerned.


Wait, I’m confused – is it not?


I was going to say Jesus, but I guess Michael Jackson works too…


TBH their sciencing was ever better don’t @ me.


God tier memeage. Brb, going to watch this movie for the 10,000th time now.

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