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The Best Sausage Roll In Australia Can Be Found At This NSW Servo And It’s Up For Debate

The BP in Mudgee. A stand out, and typically Australian answer for The Best Sausage Roll in the country. And it’s part of a collection of unique awards run by travel site Wotif.

It’s a controversial debate to be had with categories such as Best Regional Chinese Restaurant, Best Main Street and Best Fish and Chips. And there’s no doubt you’ll all want to vote for your local to feature. ‘Cause that’s always the best, right? Grabbing a cheeky Chiko Roll from Bourke Street Bakery or heading for a special chow mein at Ten Ten Chinese in WA is an important part of your life, so why not try and get the word out?

With just a week to go until voting closes, here are the go-to’s in the runnings to become Australian Destination Royalty.

Best Sausage Roll:

#1 BP Mudgee, NSW: “Just what the doctor ordered after a night on the town.”
#2 Bourke Street Bakery, NSW: “2 words – bloody delicious.”
#3 Urban Grain, Port Macquarie, NSW: “Juicy little delights in the perfect size so that you can sneak one into your morning coffee order, demolish with a squeeze of tommy sauce and walk away with a cheeky glimmer in your eye that says, ‘Enjoy your acai bowl for breaky – I just owned Australia’s best snag roll. Yew!'”
#4 Yatala Pies, QLD: “The perfect blend of puff pastry and tasty meat filling – a great way to start a trip to the Gold Coast!”

Best Fish and Chips:

#1 Heathcote BP, VIC: “Adding cheese and bacon to potato cakes was beyond a stroke of genius.”
#2 Nollamara Fish and Chips, WA: “Their chips are so good that the left overs are still good after a couple hours sitting on the kitchen bench.”
#3 Kosciusko Avenue Fish & Chips, Corio, VIC: “Best tasting chip and battered sav ever and they aren’t stingy – you ask for $2 chips and you get enough to feed a small army.”
#4 Tumbarumba, NSW: “Because their batter is delightfully herbed and crispy, chips are soft and fluffy and the salad always has the good veggies in it.”

Best Roadside Pit Stop:

#1 Dog on the Tuckerbox, NSW: “Find a better name.”
#2 Chicko’s Wollongong, NSW: Imagine if there was a place that made a great chicken schnity sandwich, and then they made it huge. That`s Chicko’s. Pro-tip: Walk down to the beach after ordering, for a view while you chew.”
#3 Gordonvale Servo, QLD: “Best servo fish and you always need a pee before tackling the Gillies [Highway].”
#4 Erldunda Roadhouse, NT: “The excitement of getting phone service in the middle of nowhere while stopping to stock up on car snacks and drinks.”

Best Swimming Spot:

#1 Noosa Main Beach, QLD: “Handsome lifeguards on duty! No other place I’d rather be rescued.”
#2 Bondi, NSW: “Obviously.”
#3 Hamelin Bay, WA: “It has friendly stingrays!”
#4 Kondalilla Falls, QLD: “Because it’s cool, crisp and clean, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland – what more could you want?!”

Best Regional Chinese Restaurant:

#1 Ten Ten Chinese, East Victoria Park, WA: “Ohmagahd. The. Best. Chinese. Hands. Down.”
#2 Gippsland Palace, Sale, VIC: “Food is good, it’s that simple.”
#3 North Beach Bowling Club, Myslestorm, NSW: “We drive 40 minutes out of town to have Chinese here. Great every time, always good value for money.”
#4 Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, Chinatown, NSW: “Ever since my dad proposed to my mum there, over the large mud crabs, we have made it a tradition to go once a year and feast on what we can’t possibly make ourselves.”

Best Main Street:

#1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC: “Just is.”
#2 Mildura, VIC: “Very spacious street.”
#3 Byron, NSW: “So chill.”
#4 Coober Pedy, SA: “The most interesting place.”

Voting’s still open, so if you love a cheeky sausage roll (with sauce of course) from your local servo and visiting the old Big Merino in Goulburn, get the word out. Oh, and if you cast your vote, you’ll go in the runnings to win $2000 towards your next Wotif holiday. It’s a win win.

Image Sources: Delicious,  Trip Savvy

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